BLUETTI AC60 and B80, powerful and cheap solar generator

BLUETTI, a leading company in the clean energy storage sector, has just announced the launch on the European market of its new AC60 and B80, a small but powerful solar generator with expansion capacity that stands out for its power, robustness and its six Years warranty.

We are facing a small but revolutionary portable power station It has already been very well received in the US, Canada and Japan and is set to surprise European users for its extraordinary performance, but above all for its competitive price. Let’s see it in detail.

BLUETTI AC60, an off-road electric generator

The latest innovation to the BLUETTI catalog comes as a result of a gap in the market: despite the fact that there are many electric generators of all sizes, the smallest and most portable units have very little capacity, while the largest ones are too expensive and difficult to transport from one place to another. So why not create something that is easily transportable while also having a large capacity, even customizable to suit all possible needs? This is how he was born BLUETTI AC60along with its B80 expansion battery.

BLUETTI AC60 Generator

The BLUETTI AC60 is a solar generator that weighs just 9.1 kg, and contains a 600-watt inverter and an LFP battery of 403Wh of capacity, to which the additional B80 battery can be added to add more capacity. Equipped with 7 different sockets, the AC60 serves to serve several devices at the same time, providing a maximum of 1,200W of power with its Power Lifting mode.

With the ECO mode, the AC60 automatically shuts off if it detects that nothing is connected that needs charging, thus saving battery life. To power small loads, the AC and DC outputs can be separately set to 10-30W and 5.20W respectively via the BLUETTI app. This helps to significantly reduce self-consumption and the battery lasts up to 4 hours; In addition, when it is in standby mode, it has a loss of energy close to zero.

The AC60 supports four charging methods: via power adapter, with a car adapter, solar charging and generator. With a 600W AC turbo charge, the AC60 takes just 45 minutes to recharge from 0 to 80% battery. In addition, it is a fairly silent device that only emits 45 dBA of noise in silent charging mode, making it ideal for both a room and overnight in a tent.

bluetti tent

In addition, the BLUETTI AC60 (and also its additional B80 battery) is ideal for outdoors: its internal structure has been considerably improved, so that the internal circuits are isolated from the ventilation grills. All its external materials have passed various resistance tests against water and dust, and for this reason it has a certification IP65 which guarantees that it is a perfect power source for outdoor activities.

Finally, it should be noted that inside the aluminum casing of the AC60 there is a more durable LiFePO4 battery, which has a useful life of at least 10 years, as well as a series of high-precision components confined in a very small space and compact. All of these patented technologies, top quality materials, superb designs and strict product testing enable BLUETTI to offer up to 6 year warranty.

What is the B80 additional battery?

Expressly designed to complement the BLUETTI AC60, the B80 weighs 9.88 kg and uses the same reliable LFP cell batteries, a battery that is as stable as it is durable, offering more than 3,000 charge cycles. With two B80s, from 806Wh each, you can expand the capacity of the AC60 up to a maximum of 2,015 Wh of battery capacity. By the way, it is also compatible with other brand generators such as EB3A, EB70, EB55 and AC180 through a connection cable.

Bluetti AC60 and B80

More than just an extra battery, the B80 can function as a standalone DC power source on its own, offering three ports: USB-A, USB-C, and a car outlet.

With a capacity of 806 Wh, a B80 can charge a smartphone battery up to 43 times, a laptop 10 times and power the light for more than 60 hours. It can also be recharged independently using an AC adapter and solar panels, or together with the AC60.

Price and availability

The AC60 and B80 will be available in Europe from June 15. During the initial sale period, which takes place from June 15 to 30, the advance sale prices will be maintained: 699 Euros for an AC60 and 1,398 Euros for an AC60 + B80 pack. After the initial sale period is over, its price could go up again.

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