Why Apple glasses are not like the others

The new platform that Apple has inaugurated with its new viewer opens up an immeasurable range of new possibilities. Now, the Vision Pro, even being glasses, have nothing to do with what we currently have in “similar” products from the competition. And it is that, this new device, as the company calls it, is a “space computer”. So in this post we will review what really makes the difference in this product.

Reality to your liking and without isolating yourself from the world

Until now, all we were used to seeing was that virtual reality took you to a different world from the one we were in at that moment. Completely immersive scenarios and we only see what the glasses show us. And we are not aware (unless we take off our glasses) of what is happening around us.

On the other hand, augmented reality was simply seeing objects projected on a real stage, but through a screen. But the Apple Vision Pro took these ideas, and completely shook them up:

  • We can choose the degree of immersion at all times, and we never lose touch with the physical reality around us.
  • “A new world” is not created, but our reality is used to project all virtual functions. Our environment is the computer desktop.
  • It is a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality, and this new concept of “mixed reality” is created.


We take command, literally

All we’ve seen so far is that to interact with these types of headsets, we had to use peripherals and sensors to navigate the virtual environment. Our mobility was reduced, within the interface. And to date that had been one of the great limitations.

Apple Vision Pro, being a “mixed reality” environment and thanks to the immeasurable number of sensors it incorporates, breaks the limitation of movement. Literally, with our hands and our eyes we interact 100% with everything we see. And it is that it is not necessary to buy anything else to manage us, since the interaction will be natural. All the gestures that until now we did on the Mac, the iPhone and the iPad, now we are going to do them in front of us.

Vision_03Nor will we need to place sensors in any roomnor are we going to have delimited spaces to interact and, much less, are we going to depend on a connected team that carries out the computing tasks.

Metaverse, where are you, can’t I see you?

The word Metaverse resonated with too much force during 2021 and 2022. The idea of ​​creating a parallel universe in which to spend time, through virtual reality glasses and creating a new environment was a balloon that swelled, until it fell. little by little. AND Apple seems to have given a final blow to this philosophy.

apple vision pro environment

The philosophy of taking advantage of tangible reality as a support for expanded digital capabilities completely counteracts the thinking of companies like Meta. The concept of the Metaverse, in the Vision Pro, is not there and everything indicates that it is not expected. Because these glasses are a spatial computer that, as could already be seen in the presentation, uses our space to function, without wanting to occupy it in a tangible way or replace it.

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