Capes will arrive throughout 2023 but you can already play it

Superhero games in recent years have changed a lot, practically at the same rate that the different phases of the Marvel cinematographic universe were told from the cinema screens, or DC tried from the Warner side. All this has caused it to be practically impossible to launch a product that does not have licenses officers of something… and Capes He is going precisely down that risky path.

background of heroes with capes

The fact is that surely many of you remember the old City of Heroes either City of Villainstwo classic MMORPGs from almost two decades ago, or Freedom Forcefrom 2002, which also showed us a cast of characters of their own who were accepted without problems for the gamers of the time, but is that possible in 2023? Capesfrom Daedalic Entertainment, wants to prove that it has any chance of succeeding without official licenses today, resorting to the gameplaythe gameplay and traditional mechanics.

Capes it’s a superhero game that was announced practically half a year ago and that has passed so far without pain or glory. Few media outlets have dedicated a headline to it and yet it has some elements of those that veteran players like: tactical development, characters that we can adapt to our tastes during battles and turn-based combat that is seen less and less.

That return to the origins of a good X Com It is most grateful that there is if you are to go through the genre of strategy take turns from time to time and, on top of that, you want to get fully involved in a battle of characters with special powers that ensure peace in the world and the galaxy.


Do you want to play it? All yours!

The point is that Capes will go on sale sometime in 2023 on both PC and consoles, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So it will be available in any format and platform you have at home now, what if you want to take a look at it before its launch to see if it deserves your attention and an early reservation?

Well, you can do it since Daedalic Entertainment has released a demo on Steam of the game, which will allow you to take a look at the work they have done and the essential features that will grace the turn-based combat of Capes.

Below we have left you the link to Steam in case you want to try it before anyone else, thanks to that demo that you already have with a small part of the game open to test the heroes and villains that are going to face each other in the city. History, without going too deep, imposes on us the mission to free the streets of the place where we live from chaos and evil and that, as you can imagine, is in the form of typical comic book villains, with special powers and increasing difficulty.

as we tell you, Daedalic Entertainment has not yet set a final release date. but until that moment arrives, you can already see if these white-label comic characters are interesting enough to make us forget the titans of Marvel or DC for a few days.

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