Cheap controllers for Nintendo Switch with which not to break the bank

This remote is a great alternative to original Pro controllerEspecially if you need a comfortable controller to play titles like Zelda. It won’t give you the feel of the original remote, but its value for money it is unbeatable. It feels very good in the hand, has a good response and also has good autonomy. It is available in various finishes and is one of the compatible controls Best sellers for Nintendo Switch. It can also be used on PC, which is quite a detail and the brand offers to return the money if we are not satisfied with the product. As a negative point, does not have NFC, so you will not be able to read Amiibo cards with this wireless controller.

Kingear Pro style

With a recommended price of 24 euros, this gamepad wireless It is a more than decent alternative to the original Pro Controller. Is available in Two colors very attractive. Has buttons and triggers quality, as well as sensors at the height of the Nintendo Pro controller. Its design is ergonomic and it has a few extra buttons that we can configure to our liking.

Cheap Joy-Con Controllers for Nintendo Switch

KINGEAR style Joy-Con

kingear joycon compatible

The Kingear was born as a cheaper alternative to Nintendo’s Joy-Con, but little by little its price is increasing due to its success. The controller is very similar to the original, and has a design that is quite reminiscent of the Animal Crossing version of Nintendo Switch. Has its own central base to use it as a Pro controller. And we can also undock it to use them in a Independent, as well as connecting them directly to the console.

It’s a Joy-Con more ergonomic for those who have the Big hands and they have the same sensors as the original remote. They can be charged independently and have macro and turbo functions. It is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, as well as with the entire catalog of consoles.

Joy-Con Replica

These versions have become popular on the Internet for offering many of the functionalities of the original Joy-Con for just 24 euros. At the time, the youtuber Brandon Salt tested them on his channel and determined that his functioning it was more than Right. Obviously, these products are far from up to par with the originals, but they can be an alternative if we want another pair of Joy-Con on our console to play very occasionally without having to shell out the money for an original pair.

Regarding the differences, these replicas they are lighter; they weigh considerably less than the original models. The click of the buttons is somewhat softer, so we will not have a feedback so precise. They also do not have an infrared sensor nor connectors for the connection rail with the console, or what is the same, we can place them on the console, but it will continue to think that we are using the controls wirelessly. It is a detail that we must tell you, but it does not affect at all when playing video games.

Cheap Switch Remote

For the rest, they are loaded with a USB Type-C port and connect to the console using technology Bluetooth. One point where it stands out is in the digital pad, which comes as a complete crosshead, and not as the buttons separately from the original design. The motion sensor is less precise and you will not be able to use these replicas to play titles like Nintendo LABO: due to their size, which will also prevent you from using some original accessories, and due to the absence of infrared.

These cheap Joy-Con can be found in stores like Amazon, Wish and AliExpress. You will probably find it with a more inflated price on Amazon than in Chinese stores, although the purchase will be safer.


geeklin joycons switch

Geeklin is also another very cheap alternative to expand the arsenal of controls of our Nintendo Switch. The problems that we are going to face with this product are similar to those that we have seen in the previous product. However, Geeklin have some mostly positive ratings (outstanding, even). They will be not very ergonomic and will not have the precision of the original control, but for the price that they have little more we can ask for. In addition, they are available in two different sizes, so that we can choose the one that best suits our hand.

HORI Split Pad

horipad split pikachu

The Hori Split Pad is another product that has the officially licensed by Nintendo. It is a product halfway between the Pro controller and the Joy-Con, since it allows you to play the Switch in portable mode with a more comfortable grip. In this case, the Kingear controller seems more interesting than this Hori solution, since in this case we will not be able to use the parts of the controller as independent Joy-Cons. Despite this, it is a command very ergonomic, with a handle designed to spend long hours playing the console and that, in addition, adapts to the Dock of Nintendo Switch to perfection.

The remote has good construction and good finishesas well as turbo functions and assign. We can choose it in Various colorsas well as Pac-Man, Pikachu, Eevee, Monster Hunter and Daemon X Machina designs.

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