Check all this if you are going to use a WiFi repeater

Keep in mind that not all Wi-Fi repeaters are the same. Not all of them have the same characteristics, nor the same maximum speed. It is also essential to use it correctly, such as the location you are going to give it. All this is going to make it work well and really be useful.

Use a wireless repeater correctly

Using a Wi-Fi repeater incorrectly can mean that the signal is cut off, that the speed is not adequate, or that you cannot connect multiple devices. You not only have to take into account what the device itself is like, but also the environment where you are going to use it. You must always observe carefully the factors that we are going to show.


The first thing is that you must know well what characteristics It has the Wi-Fi repeater that you are going to use. This is essential to determine if it is really going to be helpful or not. Don’t use one that doesn’t meet your expectations. For example, you should look at whether or not it is dual band. The normal thing is that you want it to be that way.

You should also look at characteristics such as the speed it supports, the protocols it uses (type of encryption, whether or not it has Wi-Fi 6, etc.) and the number of antennas. All of this will influence whether you have a better or worse connection when you connect your devices.


Another important factor that you must take into account is the location. It is key that you place it in a good place. Avoid placing it in an area where you do not receive a good signal from the router, as this will cause it to not repeat well to the rest of the devices. Therefore, put it in a place where it can receive a good signal.

Ideally, you should place it in a central area of ​​the home, from where it distributes the signal well. Move it away from possible interference, such as a device that uses Bluetooth, since it uses the 2.4 GHz frequency. Do not put it near walls or large walls that could block the signal.

errors if you are going to use a Wi-Fi repeater

Use cable or Wi-Fi

Are you going to connect the devices cable or Wi-Fi? This is also important when choosing which repeater to use. Not all models have an Ethernet port, to also connect devices by cable. Ideally, you can connect devices wirelessly, but also have the cable option.

Also, if you are going to use cable, it is good to check if it is compatible with Gigabit Ethernet. This will allow you to reach the maximum speed, since if it is Fast Ethernet you will be limited to a maximum of 100 Mbps.

Number of devices

The number of devices What you are going to connect is another issue to take into account. There are Wi-Fi repeaters, especially the poorest quality ones, that become saturated as soon as you connect 3 or 4 devices. Others, however, allow you to connect many more and you will not have speed problems or interruptions.

Review the information on the repeater you are going to buy, depending on what you need. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that may be of poor quality, as that will hamper your ability to connect multiple devices.

In short, as you can see, using a Wi-Fi repeater at home is common and can be very useful. However, it is key that you choose the device correctly, that you take into account its characteristics and that you can connect devices without problems. Sometimes you may have to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi repeater.

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