Choose the best VPN according to your needs and the use you give it

How to choose the best VPN for each user

When choosing the best VPN we have to do it according to a series of needs, depending on these needs we can choose between some options or others.

Free or paid VPN

The first thing we should do is think about whether we want a free VPN service or a paid one. The paid ones usually offer us greater speed and anonymity. Here we must bear in mind that the free ones to provide this service have economic costs, so sometimes to obtain profitability they sell your data to third parties. Therefore, when choosing the best VPN, we must ask ourselves a series of questions. one is yes we need a paid or free VPN. As we have already mentioned before, the free ones can cause problems and if what you are looking for is security, you have to opt for a paid one.

Some of the most recommended VPNs are Surfshark VPN, NordVPN and also PureVPN. All these services have the same characteristics and a very similar price, if you want to find the main differences between them you will have to go to their official websites and compare the technical specifications. You should visit privacycritic to find more such articles.

If you want to have a free VPN, the best option you can choose is WARP from Cloudflare. This VPN service is available for Android and iOS through a free app, and is also available for Windows and Linux PCs as well as macOS. WARP has a free version with limited download and upload speed, but it works really well and is highly recommended. If you want to buy the paid version so you don’t have speed limits, you can do that too.

Without a doubt, WARP is one of the best options, as long as you do not want to connect to servers in other countries to avoid regional blocks, in this case we do not have these options to connect to different countries or use a double VPN with Multihop as we do. in payment solutions. You can learn more about such options here internetprivatsphare.

Do we need to access the home network?

On the other hand, we must ask if we need an access to our home network for which we could consider running a VPN server on our routers. Some manufacturers like ASUS, AVM with its FRITZ! Box or D-Link among many other manufacturers have models that support it. Depending on the router model and the firmware, these manufacturers usually use OpenVPN and also IPsec VPN, both protocols are very secure and will allow us to access the Internet by forwarding all network traffic through our house, it really is as if we were in the home local network when browsing, since we will go to the Internet with the public IP of the house.

Another positive aspect is that if we mount a VPN server on the router or on a NAS server in our house, we will be able to access all the shared files and folders that we have, use the printer and enter any service that we have through the home local network. In this way, we can not only browse safely if we are far from home, but also access all shared resources.

Continuous safe browsing

Another question is if we need safe browsing all the time. If we have to use many public Wi-Fi networks and do a lot of remote work, it can compensate us for security by having a paid VPN or using WARP from Cloudflare with its limitations. However, you can always set up your own VPN server on your router or NAS for continued secure browsing. In the event that you need this continuous protection, our recommendation is that you use the WireGuard VPN protocol, thanks to it we will have greater efficiency of our VPN, greater speed and lower latency.

If you want to maintain privacy and anonymity while browsing the Internet, and you don’t care about connection speed, you can always use Tor Browser and its Tor network.

Use of P2P programs and multimedia content

If you want to go unnoticed using P2P programs eMule or BitTorrent. In this aspect, we need a VPN with unlimited traffic that takes full advantage of our connection speed and guarantees anonymity. Unfortunately, most of the services offered by such a quality service will be paid for. In addition, with paid VPNs we have the possibility of choosing different servers spread all over the world, in addition, they allow us to have the double VPN functionality to have two “hops” until we reach the Internet.

Before choosing the best VPN for our needs, we must consider if we need to change geographically our location. This is interesting if we intend to watch audiovisual content from YouTube, Netflix or Disney + from other countries. It can also be used to bypass censorship and view information that is prohibited in your country. Normally this option is only available in paid VPNs like the ones we have mentioned, unfortunately services like WARP do not allow us to choose the VPN server to connect to.

The choice of our VPN server

Once we are clear about our needs, it is time to choose the best VPN for us. Next, we are going to show you the aspects that you should look at before hiring or using a VPN.

The first thing you have to check is that your VPN uses secure protocols. To give just two examples, we will name OpenVPN and WireGuard, although there are more like IPsec. Another fundamental aspect is to know how many servers do you have and where. That will determine the ability you have to bypass geo-blocking. In this way, we can connect to certain services that are only available in a specific country. Furthermore, we must look how many simultaneous connections allow. This must be taken into account because sometimes we have more than one device or several people want to use the VPN at the same time.

You also have to look whether they limit bandwidth or traffic. In this aspect it is important to know if they have a slow speed which would prevent us from seeing videos with high quality or even in low quality it is difficult to do so. We must not forget to look if they limit the traffic to a certain amount of GB. Nowadays being limited by data is unreasonable because there are affordable VPN services with unlimited traffic.

A very interesting extra is if they have a Kill Switch system. Good VPN providers have an automatic termination system so if our VPN connection fails, it automatically blocks the connection. Thus, our computer or device will not use our open and unsecured Internet connection by default because, for example, it would be revealing our real public IP.

Finally, when choosing the best VPN you have to observe the types of registration they maintain and payment methods. As for the records, it is interesting to know if they keep any record of our activity on the Internet. Good providers do not keep records. The allowed payment methods are also important since thanks to them they could identify us. For example, you can see if they allow you to pay with anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or other forms.

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