Chrome will block these files if you try to download them, to protect yourself

Chrome blocks portable apps

When we download a program we basically have two options: applications that are installed on the system and those that we simply run. The latter do not need installation, since we will only have to open the file and we will be able to start using the program without problems. Google’s browser will now block this type of downloads that come from the popular Portable Apps page.

Portable Apps is a popular site for downloading applications that do not require installation for Windows. That is why it is more striking that Chrome decides now block these types of downloads. The reason is that there may also be programs here that are not officially supported by Windows.

Many users these days have encountered the block when trying to download portable applications from this platform. They see that Chrome’s built-in Safe Browsing feature was blocking them and they were getting the warning message. In other browsers like Mozilla Firefox everything remains the same and downloads are carried out without problems.

Does it mean we can’t portable apps with Chrome? You can actually download them from Portable Apps, but you’ll have to check the box saying you accept the risks. In addition, in the vast majority of cases there will not be any type of problem, since it is software that has passed filters and is reliable.

What they have done from Portable Apps is redirect downloads to SourceForge so Chrome users don’t have any trouble downloading portable programs. In fact, if you try to download from its website you will see that it redirects you.

How to download apps safely

Security is a fundamental factor and must be present whenever you download something, no matter if it is an executable or installable program. It is essential to always keep common sense. Avoid downloading files from sources that may be dangerous and do not offer any guarantees. The ideal is to always go to official pages or recognized platforms.

It is also important to have a good security program. Having an antivirus will help detect threats that can compromise the system. For example, Microsoft Defender is a good option, but others like Avast or Bitdefender also come in handy. Be well informed whenever you are going to install one.

On the other hand, having All updated It will help you correct possible vulnerabilities that may appear. Hackers could exploit flaws in a system and sneak some kind of malware without us noticing. Therefore, always update Windows to the latest version, as well as Chrome or any program you use.

In short, as you can see, Google Chrome is going to make it a little more difficult to download portable programs from the popular Portable Apps platform. However, you should always keep in mind the importance of downloading files safely.

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