this mythical football stadium will be entitled to its virtual version

Many football clubs are interested in the metaverse, but some have already taken the plunge and bet on this technology.

The metaverse is surely the new technology that will make the news during this year 2022, which seems to be that of its arrival in the hands of the general public. While the Facebook group’s name change has shed light on the rather obscure world of virtual universes, everyone has been following the movement over the past few months, and the metaverse is coming everywhere, even where it least expects it. .

Some companies prefer to associate themselves with already existing universes in order to ensure their presence in a virtual world, this is the case of Carrefour for example which bought hectares of land in the metaverse of the company The Sandbox. But other large groups are more ambitious and plan to create their own virtual universe, or to have a very significant participation in a virtual universe, this is for example the case of Nike and Roblox who have forged a very strong partnership at the end of last year.

Manchester City and Sony sign historic deal

But today we learn that it is the Manchester City football club which has signed a multi-year partnership (minimum three years) with the firm Sony to develop a metaverse. If nothing is yet official on the terms of the latter, it would seem that the legendary English club, defending champion, wants to create its own virtual world with the help of the giant of new technologies.

For the moment the project is only in its infancy, the Sony teams would also be in the process of carrying out the most precise 3D mapping of the stadium so that the Lair of the Mancunians is present in a virtual way for the supporters. who live far from English Bay.

In the long term, such a project could make it possible to follow matches from one’s living room, located on the other side of the planet, with the impression of being in the stadium, both visually and audibly, we hope, above all when you know the quality of the songs of the supporters across the Channel.

Manchester City aren’t the only club taking the plunge

The Manchetser City project shows the extent to which football clubs, and sports in general, are involved in the development of new technologies. Today many football clubs have e-sport teams that they align in parallel competitions, but clubs have also entered the world of crypto (with the PSG fan token for example) and in the NFT.

In addition to Sorare, which offers players to collect and play with player cards based on their actual performance, clubs offer fans to purchase club items in the form of NFTs. This generally allows access to physical rewards such as jerseys, places for the next match, or even privileged moments with the players.

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