Genaro García Luna: US prosecutors request an anonymous jury for the trial of the former official

The United States Federal Attorney requested that the members of the jury participate in the trial next year for drug trafficking against the former Mexican Secretary of Security Genaro Garcia Luna remain anonymous and are escorted by bailiffs, to avoid being intimidated.

“The accused has the financial resources to intimidate or even harm the jury “, stressed the prosecutor of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace, in a letter addressed to the judge presiding over the process. Peace insists to the magistrate that “the Government (of USA) you are concerned that the accused and his conspirators may launch a campaign of harassment, intimidation and / or violence against the testigos and their families “.

In the text, the Prosecutor’s office ensures that these measures would be aimed at “protecting the integrity of the trial and the impartiality of the jury, with the aim of preventing harassment, intimidation or other interference with the members of the jury, as well as mitigating any fear in the minds of the members of the jury. jury“.

Measures are justified by the “exceptional gravity of the charges”: NY Prosecutor’s Office

The prosecutor of the United States Court for the Eastern District of New York justifies these measures by the “exceptional gravity of the charges” as well as by “the defendant’s record of interfering in judicial processes“If the judge accepts the petition, neither the names of the jurors nor their home and work addresses will be revealed to either party.

Beyond preserving their anonymity, prosecutors They also request that all members of the jury be transferred to the court and their residences by bailiffs and that during their stay in the courts are isolated from the public. The start of the trial against the former Mexican minister is scheduled for October 24 of next year.

Between 2001 and 2005, García Luna directed the defunct Federal Investigation Agency of Mexico, in charge of fighting corruption and corruption. organized crime, and between 2006 and 2012 he was Secretary of Public Security, during Government of Felipe Calderón.

According to Prosecutor’s office, “the defendant used his official positions to assist the Sinaloa cartel, a famous Mexican drug cartel, in exchange for multi-million dollar bribes“and added that he plans to call to testify” numerous witnesses “who have been participants in the violence exerted by this mexican poster to “protect themselves from rivals, fight for their territory, and silence those who cooperate with the security forces“.

These witnesses, according to the brief, will incriminate Garcia Luna and they will ensure that he received payments for him to help the criminal group.


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