Cliswim: the secret behind the Madrid swimmer, Pablo Fernández

The entrepreneur and swimmer, Pablo Fernandezhas launched Cliswim, a startup with which it helps amateur and professional swimmers to improve your technique and performance both in the pool and in open water. The company is already offering group courses and individual classes through its website, with which to teach the Cliswim methodology, the same one that has allowed him to obtain six Guinness record for this sport.

Fernández has surpassed the record of swim 36 hours without interruption; the one with the longest swim in the ocean; the longest swim in open water in 24 hours; that of the fastest 100 km also in the open sea; that of the fastest 5 km with shackles on the feet; and the one with the longest distance swum in a pool against the current in 24 hours, which makes him the Spanish swimmer with the most records of this type in history. Likewise, he has also reached other extraordinary milestones, swimming the longest distance surrounded by sharks in South Africa without protection, being the first person
in uniting Nicaragua and El Salvador and Senegal and Gambia by swimming and completing the entire Congo River and Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam.

In this way, the athlete from Madrid has established himself as a specialist in swimming both in the pool and in open water, and both in long distances without a specific time to meet and in resistance in short spaces under the clock, which has forced him to refine a very specific technique. Experience that he now wants to share with everyone.

The Cliswim methodology pursues two objectives:

  1. That swimmers learn a safe technique, away from all those gestures that are outside the range of joints and therefore can cause injuries.
  2. That they manage to reduce the resistance to advance and generate a propulsion that comes from the movement of the whole body in the water. A way of practicing this sport that, as quantified in Cliswim, allows increase swimming efficiency by 10 to 15%.

For this, the new company has a solid technological proposal that is substantiated in countercurrent motors that allow working on hydrodynamic efficiency using the principles of fluid mechanics; instantaneous projections of the exercises, which are fully recorded, using an innovative visualization software; swimming pools with high definition cameras; and a communication system through which the coach instructs the swimmer live from the pool.

Cliswim’s mission is to make available to everyone the method, technology and swimming techniques that have led me to continuous improvement and achieve records that I never dreamed would be possible”says Pablo Fernandez

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