Colombia: This was the exact moment when a garbage truck rammed more than 20 cars | VIDEO

A garbage truck that ran out of brakes and collided with 26 vehicles in Carrera 80 with Calle 80, Robledo El Diamante sector, in Medellín, Colombia. Among the units that were affected were a bus, a police patrol, seven vehicles, seven taxis and four motorcycles.

The incident occurred on the night of Wednesday, October 27 and on social networks they shared videos about the incident that was recorded in the security cameras of the place, in the images you can see how the garbage truck hits the cars that were passing through the area.

The Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management (DAGRD) and the Medellín Official Fire Department announced that 25 people were injured, of which “13 of the injured were transferred by ambulances of the Ministry of Health; eight were treated in the care center that was installed in the place, of which two were transferred, and four more were transferred by individuals to assistance centers, ”said Jorge Elías Valencia, deputy commander of the Official Fire Department.

In a press release, Various Companies of Medellín (EmVarias) regretted what happened on the night of October 27 and pointed out that since the accident became known “its Padec (Critical Events Attention Protocol) was activated so that all the professionals in charge of the entity could support the affected people in the incident”.

He added that the driver and crew were unharmed and they are complying with the protocols to carry out the investigation in this regard, “including breathalyzer tests, with negative result”.

On the other hand, the Administrative Department for Disaster Risk Management was also in charge of cleaning up the oil spill and avoiding associated risks.


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