D-Link Launches New DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway, an Enterprise Firewall

The firm D-Link has launched the DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway, a new business firewall that is emerging as an advanced firewall solution completely managed from the cloud, and that stands out because it includes a wide range of advanced security features for enterprise networks, something that makes it perfect for organizations looking to facilitate secure and easy-to-manage networks for multiple sites.

At the specification level, the DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway includes 4 dynamic and configurable Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide support for up to three WAN interfaces, enabling maximum network scalability and improved performance with load balancing. For example, you can configure three WAN interfaces for load balancing and a fail over mode for a second Internet access line, as is usual in Enterprise environments to ensure access.

There is no doubt that D-Link’s DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway has also been designed with robust security features, as it integrates a high-performance DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) firewall and intrusion prevention (IPS) that protects against cyber attacks, including DDoS and other malicious attacks. In addition, it allows application control and web content filtering, offering comprehensive protection for business networks, increasingly threatened by BYOD.

For secure connections between distributed sites and remote teleworkersEnsuring that no information is tampered with, the DBG-2000 offers a wide range of VPN tunneling functions, such as IPsec VPN, PPTOP/l2TP and Open VPN. Additionally, Quick VPN allows network administrators to set up complex VPN topologies in just a few steps. At the same time, OmniSSL offers features such as SSL login and certificate generation.

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As far as its configuration and management are concerned, the DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway can be centrally managed with any network from the D-LinkNuclias Cloud platform, a 100% cloud-based solution. It is also compatible with the unified management of WiFi access points (D-Link DBA range) and Smart Managed Switches (D-Link DBS range) of the D-Link Nuclias Cloud platform, but it can also be integrated into any network without the need for the other devices are from the D-Link Nuclias Cloud range.

D-Link DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway Specifications and Keys

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports configurable LAN, WAN and DMZ
  • 1 RJ45 console port
  • Versatile and easy-to-configure VPN for highly secure remote access
  • Firewall, efficient protection against intrusions
  • IntrusionPreventionSystem (IPS), advanced security against DDoS attacks, intrusions and malicious attacks
  • DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)
  • Dynamic Web Content Filtering
  • Application Control, with signatures for the integration of more than 1,500 applications for management or blocking.
  • High Performance WAN Load Balancing
  • Nuclias Cloud offers centralized cloud management. 1-year license included at no cost that also includes annual updating of Web Content Filtering, Application Control and IntrusionDetectionPrevention.
  • Zero TouchDeployment, the device can be preloaded with the network profile, which eliminates the need for on-site configuration.
  • Compatible with unified management from the cloud of WiFi access points and Smart Switches from the D-Link Nuclias Cloud range or can also be integrated into any network without the need for the rest of the devices to be from the D-Link Nuclias Cloud range
  • Firewall throughput: 1.8Gbps
  • VPN throughput (3DES): 450Mbps
  • SSL-VPN: 200Mbps
  • Concurrent sessions: 200,000
  • VPN tunnels, IPSec tunnels, SSL VPN tunnels: 200
  • x86Quad-core CPU up to 2.3GHz
  • DDR32GB memory (price list)
  • Multiple WANs
  • DPI Firewall
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Static/Policy-based routing
  • VLANs management for each WAN for network segmentation
  • IDP (Intrusion Detection & Prevention)

The D-Link DBG-2000 SD-WAN Cloud Gateway is now available in Spain and at official distributors for a price of 849 euros, VAT included.

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