Detect and correct any problem in Windows with these programs

When we start working with a fresh installation of Windows, whether on an old computer or a newly purchased one, the operating system runs smoothly. However, over time and as we use the software for months or years, its performance and reliability decrease.

This is something that can be noticeably noticeable or only slightly, depending on the care and use that we make of Windows. Here the different configurations and changes that we make in the operating system itself influence. In addition, they can also harm you programs that we install and uninstall almost constantly over the years.

Regardless of the experience or knowledge we have about the Microsoft system, it is more than likely that problems will appear with use or its performance will drop. That is why the most advisable thing in this case, in addition to taking care of it, is to use some external software solutions. By taking care of it, we mean keeping the antivirus updated, not modifying registry entries, not installing suspicious software, etc.

At the moment when we see that our Windows-based computer no longer works as before and its performance has dropped significantly, let’s get to work. Either we take the PC to a professional who will set it up for us, with the expense that this entails, or we use one of the free programs that we will talk about below. This will allow us to slightly improve the operation of the operating system and solve possible problems with which we find ourselves.

Solve errors in Windows and improve its operation, for free

Hardware failures can be a headache whether we use the equipment personally or at work. Let’s see some software solutions that will be very helpful and without disbursing a single euro.

WiFi Analyzer: in the event that we have problems connecting to the Internet wirelessly, the best thing we can do is analyze our Wi-Fi. Precisely for these tasks we find this simple free application that shows us all kinds of data related to this connectivity. This way we can analyze them and solve the failures that appear while we improve the connection speed.

WiFi Analyzer

CrystalDiskInfo: Disk drives could be considered one of the most important hardware elements of the PC. Keep a good health on HDD and SSD drives it’s key to avoiding problems and keeping Windows running smoothly. This is a program that helps us in all this by showing us all kinds of data related to the disk drives and their operation.

CrystalDiskInfo PortableSoftPerfect Network Scanner: if from time to time we notice a significant drop in performance of our Internet connection, it is possible that someone is connecting to our network without us noticing. This is software that will allow us to detect these intruders and expel them immediately and easily.

HWiNFO: here we find a very useful application that offers us a large amount of information about the Windows operating system. It is one of the most complete in its sector and will help us to detect all kinds of errors in the Microsoft system.

HWiNFO64BySoft FreeRAM: analyzing and improving the state of our RAM memory is also important. This is a program that focuses precisely on this type of task and that solves problems related to this important component by carrying out different changes.

PixelHealer: This is a diagnostic tool for revive a dead pixel on the screen of the PC. It can be used to detect dead pixels that can be fixed quickly and easily just by downloading and using this software on your computer.

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