Google has a trick that allows you to visit any website, even if it doesn’t exist anymore!

Every day thousands of web pages appear as well as disappear, web pages on certain topics that may have a very small niche of users but who hold them in high esteem and losing them could be a problem. To avoid this, we can download all the content from the web page to always have it available on our PC, but it is not the best of all.

It is not the best of all since the new content that can be published will not be available, so we will never have all the available information updated. The easiest solution to this problem is to use the cache that Google generates from all the web pages that are indexed in the search engine. Another option to use Cached View.

Access old web pages

Cached View is a web page that allows us to access copies of web pages that are no longer available on the internet, either temporarily or permanently. This website allows us to access the version available online before ceasing to be online through the copy than google It makes backup copies of web pages that you view regularly to display its content, even if it is not available due to connection problems.

Another of the methods that Cached View allows us to access web pages that are no longer available can be found in Coral Content Distribution, a free p2p-based caching service that uses the bandwidth of a large number of web proxies. to display the content to avoid the load of the servers and that is also used to display the content of websites that they are no longer available. The cache stored through this system is not updated as frequently as Google’s

When the web page has not been online for a long time, the image stored by Google will be updated and will not show us any content. The solution that Cache View offers us to recover access is to use the platform, the internet digital file where all the images that Google generates each time it checks that it is still available and stores them chronologically, allowing the user to access the web on a certain date, are stored.

Through this web page, we can access both the available online version of a certain web page, if it is still in operation, through the button Live Version. If we want to access the last image that Google has stored from the web, we will use the button Google Web Cache. And, if we want to consult the history of a certain web page, once we have entered the URL of the web to visit, click on

By default, if we do not select any option, the results it will show us correspond to the cache stored by Google in combination with the one generated through Coral Content’s web proxies.

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