Dexter broke records on Canal+

The new season of the adventures of Dexter Morgan has far exceeded Canal+’s expectations. The group announces more than 35 million orders on its platform.

The return of our serial killer favorite has been emulated. During the Showweb Series, organized by Le Film Fran├žais, Canal+ shared the audiences of dexter : New Blood. A golden opportunity for the fans of the first hour to say goodbye to the protagonist, who had so far not been entitled to a conclusion that lived up to our expectations. the less than we can say is that the spectators were numerous. Canal+ lists more than 35 million orders on its platform. A record, which exceeds by a short head that previously established by ValidFrank’s series Gastambid with hatik.

This return to our screens has also made it possible to highlight the previous seasons, which have been massively watched according to the French group. During its conference, Canal+ was also pleased to attract no less than 1.7 million unique users per day on its site. Performances allocated according to the encrypted channel to its editorial choices, both in terms of original production and acquisitions. It also prides itself on allowing its subscribers to quickly choose their new series or film, 3 minutes on average to choose its content. A performance according to its leaders.

A year 2022 loaded

Moreover, the program for the next few months is likely to be loaded on Canal+. Initially, the Vivendi group’s offer will become the first receptacle for Paramount+. Yesterday, during its Investor Day, the company announced its arrival in France. If the offer will be offered independently in 2022, it will be directly included in the Canal+ Series formula at no additional cost.

Subscribers will thus be able to enjoy a wide selection of new series from the Paramount catalogue. The platform also obtains the exclusivity of the series show time. In particular, it should disseminate Yellowjackets, real phenomenon in the United States. The launch will be on March 3 next in France. Canal+ ad 60 new series this year, just for his own offering. There will also be a biopic on the creator of Uber, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. baptized Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, it will tell the story of Travis Kalanick. It will be released next spring.

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