Diablo Immortal: A player spends $100,000 on the game, but loses access to online games

A Diablo Immortal player is unable to find an online match despite spending $100,000 in-game. He is unable to find an opponent in PVP matches because his level is too high.

Credits: Blizzard

While it’s entirely possible to enjoy Diablo Immortal solo, most players prefer to attack others in PVP matches, in which better gear gives you a much higher chance of winning. We had seen in the past that you had to spend more than 100,000 euros to reach the maximum level with your character, a substantial sum which was however recently spent by the youtubeur Jtisallbusiness.

The latter wanted upgrade your Barbarian character to the maximum, and therefore did not hesitate to spend all this money in Blizzard’s game. The problem is that his character has become so strong that he has won hundreds of victories for only a few defeatsthus increasing his MMR (his elo) to an unprecedented level.

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Player no longer finds any opponent on Diablo Immortal

His level rose so high that it became impossible for him to find an online game. The player’s win rate is apparently so high that the game doesn’t even pit them against other players, which torpedoes their chances of participating in the latest Rite of Exile event.

Jtisallbusiness claims to have spent between “48 and 72 hours” in total to wait to be put in a queue for a game of battlegrounds, each attempt ending without finding a match. He received from his clan, the leader of his server, several messages asking him to prepare for defend your place as an Immortal by facing enemies onlinebut he quickly found that PVP matches were unreachable.

He said he contacted Blizzard about this over a month ago via live chat and was asked to post a message on the forum, which he did. Blizzard never responded to his message on the forum, however, and it was only on social media that a company employee said that the issue may be resolved in a few weeks.

Faced with this uncertainty and the impact of the bug on his ability to make money from the game as a content creator, Jtisallbusiness is now considering consulting a lawyer after not getting an adequate response from Blizzard. He now hope to be reimbursed by the company if the bug is not fixed quickly. This problem could strongly discourage players from investing in the game, which currently brings in more than a million dollars a day.

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