Digitization improves the productivity of SMEs by 20%

The globalized world presents numerous challenges for SMEs, which have to face them by betting on digitization and innovation. From this perspective, the Fundación Alianza Digital 2030 has organized the meeting ‘Digital Kit, the digitization of SMEs to modernize the Spanish productive fabric‘, which was attended by Alberto Martínez, general director of and David Alonso, mobility business director of Samsung Spain.

The meeting, moderated by David Cierco, executive director of Fundación Alianza Digital 2030, and Asunción Soriano, CEO of Atrevia, began with the intervention of David Alonso, director of the mobility business of Samsung Spain, who highlighted that “At Samsung we are committed to promoting the transformation process of Spanish SMEs. We are facing a unique moment and if we want to improve this important part of the Spanish productive fabric, we must contribute to its digitization. This strategy not only involves the use of mobile devices, it also needs to be based on a broad ecosystem of applications to promote productivity, management or finances, as well as a comprehensive security platform that protects all information”.

3,000 million euros to digitize SMEs

Likewise, during the round table, Alberto Martínez, general director of, explained the operation of Kit Digital, an ambitious program that aims to provide aid for a total of 3,000 million euros so that SMEs adopt a digital toolset available on the market, in order to boost the digitization process of the economy as a whole in the short term.

Thus, Martínez Lacambra explained the business segments into which the beneficiaries who are eligible for this aid are divided. A first segment in which companies with between 10 and less than 50 employees are located, which have a digital bonus of 12,000 euros. A second segment for small businesses or micro-businesses between three and less than 10 employees, with an amount of 6,000 euros and, finally, a third group in which small businesses and micro-businesses with between one and less than three employees and people in a situation of self-employment, with an aid of 2,000 euros.

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“Our SMEs have a unique opportunity to modernize and improve their productivity by up to 20%. To do this, we help them to digitize with a 100% grant. Digital Kit focuses on companies with fewer than 50 employees, that is, small micro-companies and the self-employed, because that is where we have room for improvement. So far, more than 100,000 companies have already signed up for Acelera Pyme”Martinez pointed out.

In this sense, he detailed the requirements and steps to follow in order to obtain this aid. A simple form which includes a first step, which is to register with Acelera Pyme and carry out a digital maturity test. Subsequently, once the call for aid is published, it would be necessary to fill out the request and see if the requirements to receive the digital voucher are met.

In addition, the catalog of solutions that can be implemented by companies that obtain the voucher was broken down, ranging from the management of social networks, electronic commerce, customer management, virtual office services and tools, process management, electronic invoicing or training in cybersecurity, among others.

It is, in short, a great step towards implementing digital solutions in the market that lead to a significant advance in the level of modernization of Spanish SMEs.

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