Discover how this device will revolutionize the way you record your podcasts

In recent times there has been an explosion around the podcast world. Nor can we say that it is a new phenomenon because we have been listening to programs created specifically for this format for two decades, when the old Apple iPods, but it has been in these pandemic years that production has skyrocketed, as well as the specific hardware to create them.

Why do we need such a device?

Although there are software options, and online, cheaper than this Vocaster Two that we bring you today, the truth is that there is no better alternative to get the best sound and recording from two sources than to do with dedicated hardware. In this way, we capture the sound of each participant in all its purity and then, at the editing table, we can add all the effects, music layers and section covers, even headers, that we need.

With Vocaster Two we will have the option of connect two microphones and take that signal directly to a computer (PC or Mac) modulated as we like. What’s more, although the microphone does not seem to have enough power, with this device we can obtain gains of up to 70 dB without having to plug in an amplifier. That is practically reason enough for us to decide to have one of these to record our podcasts.

Now, what else does it offer besides those separate recording functions for each source or signal amplification? Well, others that are going to allow us to the direct ones are recorded at oncewithout technical failures or monitoring problems by each of the participants.

Listen to everything you say, separately

This Vocaster Two It has two headphone outputs so that each of the participants can listen what they have to hear without other sources getting in the way. That facilitates the conversation and makes the podcast more fluid. Also, it offers a specific output for speakers, in case we want to have a more forceful return through an external reproduction equipment. Oh!, and it is also possible to add one more auxiliary playback source that can be a mobile or any other device through a 3.5 mm minijack connector, and even another smartphone by Bluetooth.

The peripheral has a suite room for the computer, such as Vocaster Hub, where we can see each signal separately and its intensity, either to record it or simply to verify that everything is Ok during a live broadcast on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Because apart from its advantages for creating canned podcast-type formats, also when it comes to making streaming It can play a decisive role in enjoying a clean, strong sound without extraneous interference.

As we told you, it is a specific hardware to get the best sound possible in any audiovisual product that we make with a computer, so it is perfect to take it with us to any place where we can record our latest episode of a podcast or whatever with friends. No giant mixing consoles – always cluttered with cables and connections we don’t need. With this device, you have the right and simple functions to obtain a truly amazing result.

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