Do not get bored on the beach with these portable consoles for less than 100 Euros

There are many options today to be able to enjoy classic games wherever you go. Portable consoles that include classic games have become enormously popular. They are not particularly powerful, but to enjoy MAME, arcade, SNES, N64 or PS1 games, they are more than enough.

The first one that we propose is the TECTINTER portable console for 5.5 euros (-81%). This console is a version of the classic Game Boy, but much more compact. It offers us a 3-inch screen with which to enjoy the games. It integrates a battery that offers us up to 8 hours of autonomy.

In addition, this console can be connected to a television or install a controller to play with friends. The console comes with 400 classic games, which guarantees hours and hours of entertainment. For the price it has and everything it offers us, there are no excuses to buy it.

tectinter portable console

What 400 games seem few to you? Well then, we bring you the VILCORN SF2000 for 26 euros (-46%). The peculiarity of this console is that it resembles the classic Super Nintendo controller. It has a rather curious and atypical design for a console with these characteristics.

It has an IPS screen that offers us a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, which is not bad. It comes with an emulator for Game Boy, MAME, SNES, SEAGA and other retro consoles. We will be able to enjoy no less than 10,000 games, which is truly crazy. This console offers us about six hours of use thanks to its internal battery that takes about four hours to fully charge.


Options for all tastes and pockets

The following proposal is a replica of the latest Nintendo console. Specifically, we have the Retro X7 Plus that costs 33 euros (-50%). It has a huge catalog with more than 1,000 games available, so it guarantees hours and hours of fun.

This console has a large 7-inch screen, so we can enjoy all the games. Something very interesting is that we can connect it to the screen. It has speakers on the back, although it also has a headphone jack.

Retro X7Plus

We are going with another portable console similar to the Game Boy, but that is really crazy. The Retro RGB20S costs 85 euros (-40%) and offers us a catalog with more than 20,000 games. It includes two memory cards, a 16 GB microSD for the system and a 128 GB one for the 20,000 games.

It is based on a 3.5-inch IPS-type screen, to offer the best possible image quality. In addition, it is based on an ARM quad-core RK3326 processor, so it will be able to play all games without problems. This console offers us about seven hours of play thanks to its internal battery and with one hour of charging we can use it for four hours.

Retro RGB20S

Maybe you think that with 20,000 games you are not going to have enough, so we raised the ante. We bring you the MIYOO Mini+ that costs 82 euros and comes with 25,000 games. We talk that it is the compact portable console with the largest number of retro games of which we are aware. It’s a real madness.

It has a 3.5-inch IPS screen to enjoy the games. It uses even a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor for power. It has OTG connectivity, to connect it to other devices. This beast even integrates WiFi connectivity. The console offers us an autonomy of 5 hours thanks to its internal battery.

MIYOO Mini+ console

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