Do you spend more internet data to use a VPN?

A VPN consumes data from the internet

Surely if we are going to surf from the computer, connected to a Wi-Fi network or by LAN cable, this does not really cause us any concern. At the end of the day we have a flat rate and we do not have to be aware of how much we are consuming when browsing. But of course, if we think about mobile data, things change there.

Mobile rates are limited. It may even cost us to finish the month without running out. This makes us look for a way to reduce consumption, for example, watch YouTube videos at lower quality, avoid uploading large files to the cloud, etc. But if we use a VPN, that consumption may increase.

To what extent can a VPN consume internet data? Keep in mind that the program needs connect to a server and keep an active connection. According to tests carried out on the Internet, the use of a VPN can increase between 10 and 15% mobile data consumption.

It is a figure that may seem small at first, but if we transfer it to the use of a whole month and with a small fee, that 10-15% can be significant. If for example we talk about a consumption of 10 GB, we would have to add 1-1.5 GB more.

The type of encryption influences consumption

Precisely the fact that encrypt the data it is what will increase consumption. Depending on how the encryption is, this extra data expense may be higher or lower. Always, yes, speaking of a range that is usually about that 10-15% more than we mentioned.

But of course, the more encryption, the more security. Precisely the main reason to use VPN is to be able to encrypt the connection and make it more secure. It would not make much sense to use programs with a more basic encryption, even if it uses less data.

Therefore, we can say that when using a VPN we will consume more data from Internet. We can choose to try to reduce the use of this type of program when we are connected to mobile networks and only use it if we connect to Wi-Fi networks. Also control the contracted rate and see how much we have left to avoid downloading large files or playing high-quality videos that cause greater spending.

In short, when we use a VPN, we must bear in mind that the consumption of Internet data is going to increase somewhat. It is not excessive, we are not going to see that the rate runs out, but we should know that on average 10-15% consumption can increase. Everything will depend, as we have indicated, on the type of encryption and the program itself. If you have problems you can see our tutorial on common VPN mistakes.

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