Does the air conditioning spend more to cool or heat?

Keep in mind that the consumption The exact temperature will depend on factors such as the desired temperature, the previous temperature, the configuration of the appliance and the exact model. It is not the same to be at 36 degrees and want to lower the temperature to 24, than to be at 28 and have to drop just 4 degrees to the desired temperature.

Consumption of an AC when cooling or heating

Generally, we can say that the air conditioning is going to consume more electricity when you have to heat a room. By generating heat, it implies a greater consumption of resources. When it comes to cooling, this process needs less electricity and, therefore, the consumption will be less.

However, in recent years, air conditioners They have improved a lot in efficiency. and we can find very useful models to heat the house in winter. Those of energy class A are the ones with the lowest consumption. The difference can be important between the most modern and older ones, with less efficient technology.

Therefore, in general terms we can say that an air conditioner will consume less electricity when you need to lower the temperature of a room than when you need to increase it. If you want to use it on winternote that bill may increase more compared to what you paid in summer to cool the house.

This that we mentioned makes it usually better to use other systems to heat the house, such as a heater, radiator, etc. But, as we say, in the latest models we can see a significant decrease in consumption and the difference between the cost of cooling or heating with AC is really not that great.

The temperature, key

We must mention the importance of choosing a correct temperature. This is essential to control consumption and not spend more than necessary. It is something that you should take into account both in winter, when you want to heat your home, and in summer, when you want to lower the temperature.

In the case of summerthe ideal is to put the air conditioning to 24-25 degrees. Some experts indicate that even at 26 or 27, at night, it is the perfect temperature to save energy. You do not need to have it at 18 or 20 degrees, since it can also be harmful to health. Each degree can make you spend or save over 7%.

Regarding the months of winterput the air to some 20 degrees It’s enough. You also do not need to be in short sleeves inside the house. At night, in addition, you can lower it to about 16 degrees. The ideal is to find a comfort temperature in which you do not have to consume too many resources.

In short, as you can see, the air conditioning will consume more energy in winter, when you use it to heat the house. In summer, to cool down, consumption will be less. However, the latest models are much more efficient and the difference is currently not that big. Of course, it is important that you always adjust the temperature very well.

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