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February and March have been the months in which, at MuyPymes, we have focused part of our editorial effort on dealing with the subject of cryptocurrencies and everything related to investment. The result has been the launch of a new digital and thematic magazine that we add to our ICT Library: The cryptocurrencies.

As on other occasions, the magazine compiles the most important news about this sector that we have published in MuyPymes, for two months. This time, we have had the participation of Salvador L. Ros, economist and tax advisor at ASEPRO CARTHAGO and the support of Roam Finance.

As on previous occasions, the magazine is produced in a very light, visual and linkable where we review which are the most valuable cryptocurrencies, in which to invest; how these assets are taxed in Spain; blockchain technology in this market or new concepts that have emerged, such as wallets, DeFi wallets or NFTs.

Our readers will be able to access free form to this magazine, without the need to give the data, to make it easier to download. With respect to indexis the following:

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  • Prologue: The tax impact in Spain of operations with cryptocurrencies
  • The five most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world
  • Outstanding news
  • information pills
  • MÄKELISMOS, crypto art ‘Made in Spain‘ who triumphs with only one year of life

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To whet your appetite, we leave you with an excerpt from the prologue, signed by Salvador L. Roseconomist and tax advisor at ASEPRO CARTHAGO, an expert in everything that has to do with taxes in Spain linked to virtual currencies, and whose exclusive text, you can read in the magazine:

“Result amazing the number of queries that we have in the office, in recent times, about the taxation of operations with cryptocurrencies, raised by people who, in most cases, do not even know how to identify the type of operation they are carrying out. To tell the truth, it is frightening how many people You do not know what you are investing your money in.

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