Elago launches a case for the Siri Remote with a hole for the AirTag

And is that Elago is one of those companies that offers interesting solutions to protect our devices And in this case, in addition to protecting our new Siri Remote, it offers the possibility of adding one of the locator devices launched by Apple this year so that it does not get lost.

Evidently yearssay an AirTag inside a Siri Remote, it will never be the finest or most aesthetic that we can find, but without a doubt it will protect the control in addition to offering the possibility of finding it at any time thanks to the locator.

Elago Siri Remote R5 Case


This is how Elago officially named this new accessory that at the moment is not available for purchase in Amazon Spain but that surely will not take too long to arrive. Its price in dollars is 14.99 and in principle it adds protection and above all the option to find the Siri Remote through an AirTag (which we have to buy separately) when it is lost in our home, office or similar.

This R5 Case is made of high quality silicone And it fits perfectly on the Siri Remote so you can rest easy in the event of an accidental drop. As you can see in the image above, it adds a specific thickness of 2mm with which it protects the control against possible damage. If you want to buy this cover for the Siri Remote you can do it directly on the Elago website, it is already available there.

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