Fun and effective elago cover for your Siri Remote second generation

Elago is one of the accessory companies that usually launch products that protect our devices and also offer a different look to it. In this case, the fun cover they propose for the remote control of the new Apple TV released in 2021 they sure surprise you.

It is a case with a retro look “that turns” this remote control into a remote control for the mythical Nintendo console and that also protects it from possible falls. The new elago R4 has been inspired by this console from the popular video game and console firm Nintendo.

Nintendo elago

It is available in various colors and logically it is not functional as a console control, it is decorative but its design is designed so that at no time it can prevent a correct operation of the Siri Remote itself. All the decoration is on the back of this elago so you will not see anything when you have the control of the Apple TV facing up. Available in various colors: red, light gray, luminous blue and black.

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In addition to being fun, it completely protects the new Siri Remote against drops and this is something great. The bad thing we can say is its price and is that although it is not too much compared to some accessories that we find in the market for Apple products, the 15 euros that this silicone case costs can be considered as high. But if you are one of the millions of Nintendo fans, this fun case will surely not seem too expensive.

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