Elden Ring for Game Boy? They have done it and you can play it

If we had to make a six-word summary of the year we have been in video games, many would simply say that the thing is clear because «Elden Ring is the best game” that has hit stores so far in 2022. So if you agree with this statement, all that remains is to invite you to continue reading what a fan of the FromSoftware title has achieved thanks to his passion.

A Game Boy demake

In the same way that an improved version of an old game, updated with better graphics and mechanics, is often called remake, Many have decided to name it after demake just the opposite practice, that is, to worsen a video game due to limitations of the hardware in charge of making it run. And we will all agree that making the jump from a PS5 or an Xbox Series X to a Game Boy in the late 1980s forces the developer to make things much worse. Although it is with style and pixel perfect.

And not only in terms of graphics, but also to game options, adventure extension and other elements. The good demake It is the one that vaguely reminds us of the original and gets out of the mess of trying to look like a game that takes about 32 years of technological difference. An abyss. So imagine how accurate its developers have to be to make recognizable work.

But Shintendo has not been afraid of that challenge and the result is surprising because it collects those basic elements from FromSoftware’s great game: our character appears from inside what looks like an old hermitage, we arrive at a path that we can travel not without encountering certain dangers and, when fighting, we maintain the essential controls of hitting with the weapon and Dodge.

Elden Ring Game Boy.

How can you play it?

If you want to try it, we have good news, because its managers have left it online in such a way that right now, inside the browser, you can play a game. You just have to access the page that we leave you below and click on the window that indicates run game. This way you will start your adventure through the worlds of Elden Ring even if it is with a beautiful greenish color palette.

Now, if you don’t want to spend time playing the game in the browser and prefer to enjoy it on an emulator within the same PC, or on your Android mobile (or anywhere, including a GB Everdrive), you just have to scroll a little within that same page for see the link of the .gb file and download it. In this way, you will also have the opportunity to try it directly to be amazed with the recreation work of this Elden Ring.

By the way, ultimately you will see a download link to a version of the ROM compatible with Analogue Pocket. What’s that? It’s about a build that works on one of the best portable consoles that we can currently buy on the market and that is designed to run natively (not emulated) games from the entire Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Neo Geo family Pocket and even Atari Lynx. In this way you will be able to enjoy this demake of Elden Ring on a screen of much higher quality than the original and finish it without putting that “You have died”.

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