Elon Musk and Parag Agrawal brawl over Twitter bots

Despite the purchase agreement, the feeling that there was no chemistry between Elon Musk and the Twitter board of directors is confirmed at times. And perhaps it is because they know that once the purchase is completed, if it is finally made, they will lose their current positions and leave the company, but the truth is that, even if it is keeping the forms (which is already more than we can say of Musk), have decided to respond to their attacks through the social network.

As we told you last week, Elon Musk has decided to pause the purchase of Twitter until you can verify if the volume of bots in the social network corresponds to that indicated by the company, which would be around 5%. Everything could have been left there, but the characteristic verbal incontinence of the billionaire led him to publish a tweet stating that he planned to carry out his own test, using 100 random accounts, which is the same number used by Twitter in his tests.

The problem is that, by revealing this information, Elon Musk violated the confidentiality agreement signed with Twitter, something that was noticed by the Twitter legal team. Far from assuming his mistake, apologize and delete the message, published a new tweet confirming what happened, who joined many others criticizing Twitter for its current algorithm. And, as a kind of Neo, he warned all Twitter users that they were being duped.

If the circumstances were different, it is quite likely that this situation would have been resolved with a private conversation, but in this case it was not. Instead, Parag Agrawal, current CEO of Twitter, posted a thread with a tweet affirming that he did not see the possibility that an external test could be carried out, in a clear allusion to the plans announced by Elon Musk. According to him, public information is not enough, it is also necessary to use private data to which only the company has access. An indirect reply that should not have made Elon Musk too funny, in view of the response to said message:

I am not going to assess Elon Musk’s argumentative capacity, I will only say that it seems to me that it has an inversely proportional relationship with his ability to shut his mouth from time to time. What puzzles me is his attitude, once the purchase agreement is signed. Perhaps it is that he has done accounts and they no longer add up? Perhaps it is that it intends to renegotiate downwards? Or is it just that he has a growing need to be the center of attention? I don’t know, but in any case it all seems a bit absurd to me.

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