Elon Musk toying with the idea of ​​making Twitter users pay

Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter. The billionaire already has ideas on how to make his social network profitable. One of them is simply to charge certain users, such as brands or governments.

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How to make Twitter profitable without scaring users away? It’s a real headache faced by the network since its inception. If the inclusion of advertising is obviously the solution, it is not enough.

Elon Musk, the new owner of the social network, already has his little idea in mind: charge certain users to tweet. Simply.

Elon Musk wants to keep Twitter free for everyone

Elon Musk loves to tweet whatever comes into his head. We could even qualify him as the king of the “shitpost”, these publications which have no interest except to make people smile. But sometimes ideas creep into some of his posts, like this night :

“Twitter will still be free for ordinary users, but maybe we’ll charge a small fee for government or commercial accounts”

This is currently a tossed-up idea, but if implemented, it could profoundly change the way Twitter works. Since its inception, the network has been free for everyone, whether you are a lambda person or the official account of the Elysée. To modify this parameter is to turn everything upside down.

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Moreover, it raises many questions. What is the limit between a government account and a “lambda” account? Will the one from the town hall of your village have to pay a tax to tweet? Same thing for politicians? Very small businesses? And how much ? In short, if the idea seems simple on paperit could quickly become problematic.

Anyway, Twitter has become Elon Musk’s new toy. After the takeover of the network for 44 billion dollars, it could well change its face in the near future. If we think in particular of the edit button, demanded for a long time by Musk, it is the management of freedom of expression which could be at the center of the debates. The billionaire indeed promises a much less aggressive moderation in order to allow everyone to express their ideas. This could quickly turn the platform into something big.

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