Emulate Alonso in F1 with these accessories for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

Furthermore, if we want the experience to be as real as possible, we can enjoy the official game of f1 2022, since the one corresponding to 2023 will not reach the market until June at the earliest. We can buy this title through Eneba with an interesting discount or on Amazon

Logitech G29 steering wheel for PC, PlayStation and Xbox for 274 euros

If we want to get started in the world of driving simulators, both F1 and any other simulator, one of the best options currently available on the market is found in the Logitech G29 steering wheel, a steering wheel manufactured by the veteran accessories manufacturer and that It has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 after receiving almost 12,000 opinions, which is undoubtedly a guarantee of success.

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel

The usual price of this steering wheel is 406 euros, however, right now it is on sale on Amazon with a 39% discount, being its final price of 274 euros. This pack includes the pedal system so it will not be necessary to make an additional investment so that our experience in driving simulators of any kind is the best of all.

other accessories

If with the paddles on the steering wheel that include the Logitech G29 model, we do not get the feeling of immersion that we are looking for, we can use the gear lever, also from Logitech, G Driving Force, a gear lever compatible with this model and with the G920 including 6 speeds, reverse by pressing the lever. It is made of steel and finished in leather. It is compatible, like the steering wheel, with PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Logitech G Driving

Logitech’s word G Driving has a regular price of 69.99 euros, however, we can currently find it on sale for only 49.90 euroswhich represents a discount of 29% on its usual price.

Another interesting option if we are looking for a set of steering wheel and pedals to fully enjoy racing games, we find it in the Trustmaster T300RS, a set that is also compatible with PC, PlayStation and Xbox that also has an official Gran Turismo license. This model includes paddles on the steering wheel, double mail system and thanks to HEART magnetic technology, the useful life of this product is unlimited, according to the manufacturer. The Trustmaster T300RS model has a regular price of 449.99 euros, but currently, it has a 16% discount, with its final price being only 379 euros.

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