End of 2G and 3G, Android malware erases your data and steals your money, this is the recap

Telephone operators around the world are preparing to eliminate 2G and 3G, the BRATA malware on Android deletes data from your smartphone and empties your bank account, a seller of IPTV boxes fined, this is the recap .

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5G has been available around the world for a few years now, and operators are gradually starting to phase out the old 2G and 3G networks. For their part, Android smartphones are the victims of a new malware called BRATA capable of formatting devices to factory settings. Finally, the Swedish courts ordered a seller of IPTV boxes to pay 145,000 euros in damages to Swedish television channels. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day of January 25, 2022!

A seller of IPTV boxes is sentenced in Sweden

In Sweden, the police managed to identify in 2019 a 58-year-old IPTV box seller who was selling devices as well as subscriptions. In the space of a year, the fifties generated nearly 30,000 euros in profits. Four Swedish television companies have therefore lodged a complaint against the seller, and the latter was recently ordered to pay 145,791.41 euros to the aggrieved television channels.

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Android: malware attacks your data and your bank account

Android smartphone users have been confronted with a new malware called BRATA, capable of formatting the devices of its victims to factory settings. Hackers would particularly target online banking customers to steal their identifiers and, subsequently, the contents of their bank account. He would even be able to track the location of his victims and create several communication networks.

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End clap for 2G and 3G, make way for 5G

With 5G coming to most carriers around the world and the rapid expansion of 4G coverage, carriers are increasingly considering terminating 2G and 3G networks. The objective is to free up bandwidth, necessary for the proper deployment of new 5G antennas and future 6G networks. Once the networks are completely gone, phones that are only compatible with 2G and 3G will no longer be able to make or receive calls or messages.

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