Ethical hacker vs cybercriminal: this is this battle on the network

When browsing the net we can find many cyber attacks that put our security at risk. Hackers use many strategies to steal passwords, data, or infect our computers. But what does a ethical hacker? Its function is to confront these cybercriminals and win the battle so that we can all browse safely and not have problems.

An ethical hacker is a great defense

The role of a cyber criminal and that of an ethical hacker can sometimes seem similar. The truth is that in part it is. It is since both can, for example, scan for vulnerabilities. However, the use made by each of these failures is very different. On the one hand, hackers are going to exploit them to break into a computer and steal information, for example. On the other hand, an ethical act will find these vulnerabilities in order to correct them and prevent precisely that attacker from taking advantage.

That is why we are facing a fight between the ethical hacking and hacking. Who goes ahead to find a particular vulnerability will be decisive for our personal data to be or not in danger. Let’s think, for example, of a bug that affects Facebook accounts. In fact, the popular social network often hires ethical hackers for this task.

Also known as white hat hacker and on many occasions they are hired by companies to act exactly like a hacker would. The objective is to see what can be improved to maximize security and that there is nothing that allows a real attack.

more and more necessary

The truth is that the ethical hackers are increasingly necessary. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in cyber attacks and also vulnerabilities being exploited. Take, for example, attacks against remote desktops during the pandemic.

Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to have this type of computer security professionals who are responsible for analyzing and scanning networks and systems in search of failures that must be corrected. We can say that it is a “race” against cybercriminals to see who reaches the goal first, which would be to discover those flaws.

Sometimes what online companies or services do is give a reward when they detect problems. Sometimes they are quite large amounts, so many ethical hackers are involved and, among all, someone appears who finds an important vulnerability and corrects it before a cybercriminal does the same and can put the security of users at risk. It is what is known as Bug Bounty.

Therefore, we can say that there is a constant fight in the network between an ethical hacker and a hacker. The objective of the former is to prevent possible vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal may detect and become a real security problem, which can result in the theft of passwords or cause system malfunctions.

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