Fathom, a documentary on humpback whales, now available on Apple TV +


Last Friday, Apple TV + expanded the catalog available on its platform with a new documentary. I’m talking about Fathom, deciphering the depths, a documentary that follows the story of two scientists who study the songs and social communication of humpback whales.

This documentary follows Dr. Ellen Garland and Dr. Michelle Fournet as they embark on parallel research trips to opposite parts of the globe to study whale culture and communication and thus demonstrate the passion, curiosity, collaboration, perseverance and hard work that leading scientists need to make scientific discoveries.

The documentary Fathom has been directed by Drew Xanthopoulos, who previously directed the documentary The Sensitives, which shows us how three families fight against extreme sensitivity to elements of daily use in our environment such as perfumes, pesticides and even mobile phones and how they can trigger symptoms in some people.

With this documentary, he received several nominations, one of them from the Tribeca Film Festival and won the prize for the best documentary at the Camden International Film.

Fathom It is produced by Sandbox Films, Impact Partners, Walking Upstream Pictures, Back Allie Entertainment, and Hidden Candy. In addition, we also find Megan Gilbride in production work, Emmy award winner.

In the Executive production, we found Emmy award winner Andrea Meditch, Emmy award nominee Jessica Harrop to Greg Boustead and Emmy award winner Josh Braun.

Fathom, deciphering the depths, has a duration of 1 hours and 26 minutes, is available in English with Spanish subtitles. Once again, Apple shows that its streaming video platform is aimed at all kinds of content, not just fiction and current affairs.

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