five games in which he is the protagonist

If at the beginning of September we were attentive to the news about the famous DANA that devastated a good part of Spain, now a blow of reality has made it clear to us that summer is over –the terraces, the beach, the mountains–, and that it is time to return to routine, to work and to cloudy days with a few droplets of rain falling on our heads. And what better than spending it between games?

In the world of video games, rain has had its role, although it has always been limited by technology: it was not easy to reproduce it and it has not been until the last 10 or 15 years that it really It is no longer a problem to replicate on the screen the same feeling that we have when it rains in buckets. Surely if you are a video game veteran you will remember those rudimentary pixels that fell from the sky in some games and how the industry has evolved to be able to recreate torrential storms that make you even cold when you see them.

Games passed through water

So with the arrival of autumn, if you like, we are going to do a little review of the five games that most They have left that feeling of being soaked stuck in our minds. to all sites. Sometimes that rain was the absolute protagonist but, in others, it was only in some phases that we can consider to have gone down in history as the best in reproducing storms in video games. Here you have them…

Batman Arkham Knight

In the latest game in the Dark Knight franchise developed by RockSteady, rain is very present. It is practically impossible for us to walk around Gotham City without getting a drop. of water. Plus, the rain adds a special touch to Batman, making him look more menacing than usual… if that’s even possible.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty

Talk about Metal Gear Solid 2 It is surely one of the best titles in the history of video games. In the first mission that we will play, rain will be an element that we will have to deal with and that gives it a unique atmosphere. So much so that At the time this intro was crazy and made us feel cold for much of the adventure.

heavy rain

As the title of the game itself indicates, in this graphic adventure (one of the best if you ask us) the rain will accompany us throughout the mystery that we will have to solve, in addition to making us immerse ourselves fully in the gloomy and distressing atmosphere that heavy rain it show us. Without a doubt, you cannot miss this game, so enjoy it again in the fall, on a very cold and rainy afternoon.

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular, forgotten and unfairly undervalued car games of the last 15 years. In this frenetic title we will have to run through a series of circuits in which a real apocalypse breaks out. And in several of them, as you can see in the video, the rain will be an obstacle that will make it difficult for us to see the obstacles.


To finish with this selection we bring you this game from Japan Studios in which, literally, we are the rain. This kind of platforms? which passed quite discreetly on PS4 will put us in the skin (or water) of the rain, while we overcome different levels. If you are fans of simple and fun games it’s worth taking a lookhe’s curious.

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