From a movie! Moms give birth to the wrong baby; this is the amazing nightmare story

A couple of couples they spent months raising a baby that was not theirs, the babies developed within wrong mother’s bellies and that happy story of having achieved a successful fertilization began to turn cloudy before the anguish of the confused parents residing in Los Angeles, California.

The confusion occurred in a In Vitro Fertilization Clinic (IVF) where they changed the embryos by mistake. Without realizing what was happening, the mothers carried the wrong embryo in their womb, which nevertheless continued with its normal development free of complications.

The gestation period went smoothly for the two moms. The date arrived for both mothers to receive their expected babies, but at that moment, one of the parents of the new baby felt something was wrong after he cut the umbilical cord.

When the suspicions about the wrong baby began

Alexander Cardinale He assured that when he saw his daughter being born in September 2019, he knew that something strange was happening “It was a kind of primary reaction,” he assured People and added, “If we had not done IVF, I would have attributed (the lack of similarity) to genetics”, the fact that they had undergone the treatment began to unsettle the confused parent who saw the baby with black hair and eyes.

In this regard, Alexander’s wife, Daphna, assured that it was an experience that changed their lives “This is something that just changed who we are. It continues to be a daily struggle and it would continue to be ”, he claimed.

Suspicions led the couple to search for answers. Daphna initially tried to calm Alexander’s anxiety and herself, because although the baby looked different from them, the fact that the mother he carried her in his womb for nine months gave him a sense of familiarity.

One month after the birth of the baby named Olivia, the clinic asked the couple if they could send her a picture of the baby, situation that seemed strange to them. Faced with pressure also from the couple’s close friends, Daphna finally made a DNA test and there confirmed his suspicions.

The nightmare they began to live was twofold because on the one hand they had grown fond of Olivia and on the other it was not his biological daughter. It was then that the clinic sent them the photo of their biological daughter who had the blonde hair and blue eyes.

Finally, Alexander and Daphna they sued the clinic of fertilization for medical malpractice and fraud. While they still live with Olivia and her real parents who, two years after what happened, now have a bond with each other.

With information from Daily Star.


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