GeoVictoria presents a labor assistance control software that allows signing by voice

To make it easier for companies to control the attendance of their employees and keep them up to date in accordance with the Spanish regulations on Transfer Control (Royal Decree Law 8/2019), GeoVictoria has presented attendance control solutions applied to biometrics, so that the worker guarantees that he is who he should be and that he is where he should be.

Maintain control of attendance of all workers of a company, sometimes it can be an arduous task, especially now, when telecommuting has become more established than ever.

In response to demand from companies, GeoVictoria has developed five transfer methods that accurately control the entry and exit times of workers. Through its GeoVictoria platform, 100% online, attendance records are recorded, even in the event of loss of connection, since it has cloud backup on Microsoft Azure servers. In this way, the repetition of absences from work by an employee can be detected more easily. and the administrative area can better control productivity of the workers, thanks to the personalized reports that GeoVictoria prepares.

Technology applied to biometrics

With the clear purpose of helping companies obtain and maintain more efficient management and profitability, GeoVictoria has five attendance control methods based on biometric technology. The most outstanding for their high innovation and reliability as well as being intuitive and effective are:

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  • App – GeoVictoria Geolocation, an innovative signing platform with different validations: facial recognition, selfie, signature, pattern or without validation. It works with or without coverage and, whether or not it allows the geolocation option, making it possible to only sign in from a location previously indicated in the system. In addition to this, it also has the option of accounting for the time dedicated to a project or task.
  • GeoVictoria Box, a sophisticated timepiece that stores worker attendance information in real time and can operate with four different methods based on biometrics. It can work like this through facial recognition, based on the reading of the biometric features of the worker, being able to differentiate a photograph from a real image and being able to store up to 100,000 faces. Another method you can work with is palm recognition. It has advanced biometric algorithms that allow you to register up to 600 palms.
  • GeoVictoria Box It also offers the possibility of attendance control that uses cards assigned to its workers or fingerprint recognition, for companies that are looking for a more classic clocking method.
  • GeoVictoria USB, is another of the methods based on the company’s biometric technology. This method works from a USB device that can be connected to any computer or tablet with a Windows operating system and an Internet connection to read the workers’ fingerprints.
  • GeoVictoria Call, It is a clocking method with voice recognition that records the attendance of workers effectively via telephone call.
  • GeoVictoria Websiteallows signing from any computer with internet access through the personal account on the platform, allowing the start and end of the working day and/or breaks to be recorded.

Another of GeoVictoria’s distinctive features is its availability for any type of business, regardless of size or sector. This makes it an ideal technological option for all those businesses that want to improve their profitability and productivity.

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