Get ready for a barrage of YouTube Shorts you’ve already seen

youtube shorts It is the substitute for Tik Tok that those from Mountain View set up to stand up to the Chinese phenomenon, a function within YouTube itself that is not going badly, as far as it goes, but in which the company has hopes for a greater increase.

Despite the numbers, however, YouTube Shorts has a problem, and that is that much of the content that creators generate for this function or modality -after all, it is what it is- of YouTube is nothing more than a port direct from the one they have already posted on Tik Tok. So you have to choose.

Although there is original material, the most popular creators swarm both platforms and when it comes to picking up the phone to leave the brain in neutral and watch short videos, if you have to choose, the ruthless algorithm of the Chinese application leaves the American one in a loincloth, as striking as it may be. Ergo, many users will prefer the original to the copy.

This is worth mentioning because it may have played a role in the development of the feature that YouTube Shorts is implementing: allowing creators to use already published normal videos. It goes without saying that there is no place in this world with more videos than YouTube.

youtube shorts

The creators can draw on your past videos to generate new content for YouTube Shorts, with quite a bit of flexibility, by the way. In other words, it is not just about being able to convert traditional videos into Shorts, since YouTube Shorts only supports a maximum of 1 minute for the duration of your videos.

Thus, the novelty announced by YouTube includes the possibility of converting traditional videos into Shorts, with the indicated duration limit; to use only the corresponding fragments; or to use specific fragments and create new content until completing the video. Of course, only the original creators will be able to use the videos they uploaded.

Of course, the law was made, the cheat was made, and not only that: the number of historical mini-videos that YouTube has populated since the beginning of the service is such that it is enough to fill YouTube Shorts with almost infinite content. The pulse with Tik Tok, therefore, is maintained. We will have to see how the competition evolves.

The Chinese network has freshness and trend in its favor; the American, the veteran, the catalog, greater flexibility and more attractive remuneration for creators. But none of that has been worth so far to reduce the growth of Tik Tok than trying to stop with YouTube Shorts.

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