God of War for PC Has Nvidia accidentally gone off the hook?

The mythical God of War could come to PC

For a long time, exclusive games They have served as a claim when it comes to selling more hardware of the specific platform on which they can be played. For example, Mario Kart is a whole sells consoles for Nintendo and in the same way many other titles for PC and other video consoles.

However, after a period of time keeping many of these titles exclusive really does not make sense. Even more so, in the case of consoles, new generations have already come out. In those cases, a remake could be made and aspects such as graphic quality could be improved, but it might not be the most interesting thing anyway. So why not take advantage of them to take them to other entertainment systems.

This is what Sony seems to be thinking of doing more regularly after recently releasing versions of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone. Both games are also available for PC and do not seem to have done badly in sales. Hence, it was also recently confirmed that there would be a version of Uncharted 4 for PC.

Now it seems that the next one that could arrive and abandon its exclusive status would be God of War. The mythical and legendary PlayStation game could be enjoyed not only on a PC, but also on other devices thanks to the GeForce Now service. And this is one of the games that have appeared in a listed with about 18,000 titles that supposedly would be in the Nvidia service.

Along with God of War for GeForce Now there are also many other titles that we will hardly see, such as those that are exclusive to Oculus Rift, etc. As well as some that I hope would also arrive: Demons Sous, Ghost of Tsushima, etc. Too pretty to be true, right?

Nvidia responds to the leak

God of war

Faced with such an alleged leak, Nvidia has not missed the opportunity to make a special statement on the matter. According to them, although the list is real, that does not imply or guarantee any type of launch. What’s more, many are games that are there as a reference for developers and to test functions, but it does not mean that they will come true.

However, nothing should be ruled out either. Because we already know that companies have to protect themselves and the correct way against rumors and leaks is to get married or go out to deny it. So you have to be patient. What is clear is that options like xCloud or Google Stadia work very well, but GeForce Now has something special and the quality of streaming service it has been and continues to be at a high level. You can play and enjoy a satisfying streaming gaming experience from any compatible device.

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