CORSAIR iCUE LINK is now available

With the launch of CORSAIR iCUE LINK, whose first compatible components are now available, we come across a proposal that aims to democratize access to advanced lighting systems for all those users who wish to assemble their own PC, but who found all existing proposals up to now too complex. And, given how it works, there is no doubt that it represents a sensational advance in this sense, since it effectively facilitates the process substantially, making it available to everyone.

As we already told you when the company presented this technological solution, CORSAIR iCUE LINK completely changes the interconnection system of the components with RGB LED lighting inside the PC. The conventional connection system requires that each one of them be directly connected to the control unit that centralizes lighting management. This makes it necessary to significantly increase the number of cables inside the PC, which not only complicates assembly, but also has a direct impact on the PC’s ventilation flow.

CORSAIR has decided to provide a solution to this with CORSAIR iCUE LINK, a very simple and elegant solution, consisting of establishing a single connection bus. What does this mean? so what the various components are connected in a chain, in the way that is most convenient. Thus, the installation starts from the System Hub, a concentrator and central controller, from which the chain that will form the various components starts.

CORSAIR iCUE LINK is now available

For lighting management of each device, iCUE software, System Hub, and the microcontroller included in each component work together compatible with CORSAIR iCUE LINK. In addition, thanks to the intelligence deposited in each of the components, the chain does not have to be “closed” in some special way or with some additional device. The software and hardware suite will automatically detect this and adjust itself to work correctly without any adjustment by the user.

According to tests carried out by the brand, CORSAIR iCUE LINK can reach Cut PC build time in half and, more importantly, it makes building a PC with an advanced lighting scheme within the reach of almost everyone. And this is just the beginning, since CORSAIR tells us that this new technology opens the doors to the development of future functions, since it has been conceived as a platform with great potential for development and growth.

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