Xiaomi will present a new OLED TV with NVIDIA G-Sync

New Xiaomi OLED?

In the manufacturer’s extensive catalog we find good quality panels with many functions, however, in recent releases, the gaming public has felt a bit disappointed with the lack of attention to very specific factors that help improve the experience with games. . Especially in those focused on squeezing the qualities of PS5 and Xbox Series X with 120 Hz.

Xiaomi OLED advertisement

The latest Smart TV from the manufacturer did not offer native 120 Hz, since they used frame repetition technologies to achieve this refresh rate. Therefore, we will have to see if this bet with OLED panels dares to finally offer several HDMI 2.1 ports with which to offer said speed and technologies such as VRR (variable image refresh) or LLM (low latency mode).

An audience that rules

Xiaomi TV Master OLED

And it is that the Smart TV market is lately very dominated by the demands of gamers. LG has positioned itself as a great benchmark in this regard, offering its OLED TVs with all kinds of technologies aimed at gamers, being able to take full advantage of the properties of new generation consoles and maintaining spectacular image quality. With this intention, LG has managed to place its OLED TVs as the great options when it comes to playing, and taking into account the juicy market it represents, it is obvious that other manufacturers also want to take a slice.

Xiaomi OLED TV

In the case of Xiaomi, it seems that we will have NVIDIA G-Sync support, so we would already have a key feature that would invite us to think about a very playful Smart TV profile. Now we would only have to know more details, but for that we will have to wait unfortunately for tomorrow to finally discover what type of television we will be able to find in stores soon.

Will this OLED TV be sold in Spain?

Xiaomi TV Master OLED

As with every Xiaomi launch, the public will wonder if we will see this model in the Spanish market or not. Taking into account that Xiaomi’s Smart TV range is increasingly present in Spain and its catalog is increasingly extensive, the presence of an OLED model would make a lot of sense now that OLED Smart TVs are getting better and better prices.

And speaking of price, that would be the great unknown to be solved, since we are talking about a technology that is known to be quite prohibitive for most users. The good news is that little by little models of 1,000 euros are being seen in stores, so Xiaomi would be in a position to be able to give the blow and offer a model of… 900 euros? Something tells us that it will be quite complicated, but we cannot underestimate the manufacturer’s capacity for surprise. We’ll see what he has prepared for us for tomorrow.

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