Google Cloud arrives in Spain; Why is it so important

The use of the cloud has become very common for home users as well as companies and organizations. It is a way to always have files available, work remotely as a team, create backups or use different applications without the need for specific hardware or software. In this article we echo the arrival of Google Cloud in Spain. We are going to explain what this means and what it contributes.

Google Cloud lands in Spain

The google cloud o Google Cloud is a platform that emerged in 2008 where it brings together different applications in one place. It offers multiple solutions for both web developers and end users. It is basically a space where we can perform multiple tasks, without the need to be physically in front of a specific computer or use a specific program; everything is in the cloud.

We can say that it has dozens of services development, artificial intelligence, storage and databases, security, analytics… All of this can be used by companies and implemented in their day-to-day activities to offer added value to the end customer. Some examples of Google Cloud services are Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, or Cloud SQL.

Now they have just announced their arrival in Spain to be able to offer in our country a service closer to customers. It was something that has been long in coming after it was already present in multiple countries. Of course, we will still have to wait a little longer. On May 25 they will offer an online event to inaugurate the launch in our country. That will be the key day.

What advantages does it have

The fact of using the cloud in the same country where the user is is very positive. Keep in mind that Google Cloud allows you to use web hosting services, files, VPS servers or allows you to share and process data. This is all in the cloud, so it’s important that you have a fast answer for optimal performance.

Having servers in the same territory makes the whole process faster. Let’s think, for example, of hosting a web page. It is not the same that it is in Spain as that server is in the United States, for example, when Spanish users are going to be the ones who mainly access it. The response time is going to be shorter and that will also be essential for web positioning in search engines. We saw the importance of using Spanish hosting to host web and why it improves performance.

The same goes for any other of the many services offered by the Google cloud. They will be hosted in the same country, so we gain in response time. For example when migrating data to virtual machines, exchanging information or simply creating more efficient processes.

facing the latency is especially important. It offers, among other things, servers for creating online games. In this case it is essential to have low latency and this is achieved with servers hosted close to the user. Something similar happens with video calls or working remotely in a virtual team.

In addition, the fact that Google Cloud is located in Spain is going to offer a customer approach. In fact, in its informative note of the arrival in our country it is a value that stands out.

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