Google to lease Stadia infrastructure and services to Fortnite-style game publishers

Google intends to make a name for itself in the field of video games in the cloud. The company’s strategy is now aimed at publishers of games as a service.

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Google’s cloud video game streaming platform, Stadia, closed in January 2023. Despite this, the Mountain View company intends to establish itself as a major player in the video game industry in the Cloud. Some observers believe that Stadia’s failure is due to its poor business model. According to one of the company’s officials, Google still has its place in the cloud, in video games as a service more precisely.

In an interview with Axios, Jack Buser clarifies the reasoning of Google Cloud executives: “When deciding the future of Stadia, we realized that we’re better at helping other people build these kinds of games video as a service, not when we build them ourselves”. The message is clear: Google is a partner of companies wishing to offer this type of game, which can pay off big if successful.

Google offers its infrastructure to game publishers as a service

Video Games as a Service is designed to keep subscribers playing a title for as long as possible. This requires the creation of new content and constant updates. One of the forerunners of this kind of game is World of Warcraft, but the most successful currently is Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Google Cloud for Games, its services dedicated to video games, takes care of all the technical aspects of streaming, while game publishers wishing to offer video games as a service only have to worry about adding content to their titles. To be profitable, a cloud game must be able to serve several million players simultaneously without service interruption or other technical problem. An area in which Google has already proven itself, through the Stadia infrastructure.

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