GoStudent raises 300 million and reaches a valuation of 3,000 million euros

GoStudent, the EdTech platform for online private classes, has skyrocketed its rating up to 3,000 million euros just seven months after achieving its unicorn status, after closing a new investment round worth 300 million euros in Series D.

The operation, which has been led by Prosus, the company’s new investor, with the participation of other investors such as Deutsche Telekom, SoftBank, Vision Fund, Tencent, Dragoneer, Left Lane Capital and Coatue; makes the company present already in 22 countries, has an accumulated investment of more than 590 million euros since its creation in 2016.

International expantion

The objective of closing this new round of financing is three strategic pillars: promote the international expansion of the brand, expand the product portfolio through acquisitions and increase its penetration in the markets where it is already present.

First of all, to continue building the first global school and become the reference for private classes, GoStudent will continue to promote its growth in new countries with business opportunities. In this sense, it aims to establish itself in at least six markets in regions such as USA, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

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The company will bet on promoting and diversifying its products through possible acquisitions. Thus, keeping the commitment to offer the best education to school age students, GoStudent plans to acquire quality educational products and services to provide a cohesive and rational learning experience.

In addition, the startup will continue to invest and grow in the 22 markets where it is already present, focusing and increasing its penetration in those areas where face-to-face education continues to be particularly entrenched.

GoStudent’s mission has not changed since the beginning: to develop the potential of every student”, he points out Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder. “Education has seen many changes, from remote classrooms to students’ increased academic ambitions, so we believe there is a tremendous opportunity to transform the way students around the world learn and expand access to quality education. . We are very pleased to have the support of new and existing investors in our mission to revolutionize education around the world”.

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