Halo Infinite: the latest patch fixes a big bug on Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite is no exception to the series of first post-launch patches. And if the state of the game remains more than correct, whether in multi or solo, the developers of 343 Industries must fix some annoying bugs, especially on the Xbox Series X / Series S version of the title. It is now done.

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After six long years of waiting, the Master Chief has finally returned to the video game scene with Halo Infinite. As you can see from our full review, this new opus offers a solid and fun experience, despite some disappointments related to the adoption of the open world.

On the gameplay side, however, players agree that it is an excellent opus, taking up both the basics of Halo, namely the holy trinity of firearms / grenades / melee, while energizing it with adding new abilities like the grappling hook.

However, the game is not immune to its share of bugs and technical glitches. Since the title launch on December 8, 2021, many Xbox Series X and Series S gamers have been experiencing concerns with certain cosmetic rewards. Indeed, players can unlock certain armor elements thanks to MJOLNIR crates scattered all over the Halo Zeta. They can then use them in multiplayer.

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The Quick Resume bug finally fixed on Halo Infinite

However, a rather annoying bug spoiled the experience: the synchronization of the game’s servers does not work when a player uses the Quick Resume function. Results, rewards collected in these crates are not transferred to inventory. Best of all, once collected, it is impossible to collect them again. Players quickly reported the issue and called 343 Industries to account for potentially lost personalization elements.

Good news if you are concerned, know that the developers have corrected this problem with the last patch of the title published this Thursday, December 16, 2021. Here is the patchnote:

  • Improvements to online services connections, after returning to Halo Infinite using the Quick Resume on Xbox Series X / S. Players should see faster and more stable reconnections to services
  • Players who have not received their customizations, either due to the loss of their internet connection or to using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X / S consoles, should now have them unlocked
  • Reliability of Xbox Achievements has been improved
  • Achievements no longer show progress toward completion, but will unlock as intended when their conditions are met
  • If the conditions for an achievement were met before this update, but the achievement was not yet unlocked, it should unlock after installing this update and resuming the campaign.

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