Three reasons why buying a Raspberry Pi right now is a good idea

Since the first version was released in February 2012, different versions have arrived. Raspberry Pi is the first SBC (Single Board Computer) on the market with capabilities similar to a computer. Different versions and revisions of this board have been launched, adapting to the needs and demands of the market.

Its popularity has caused competition to increase at high speed. Many companies, especially Asian, have seen the possibilities offered by this product. For this reason they have developed solutions with similar and even higher power, in some cases.

Three reasons to buy a Raspberry Pi now

The COVID pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the computer industry. It has not been less with Raspberry products, which have risen a lot in price, even double the price. We are going to give you three reasons why now is a great time to buy a Raspberry Pi.

Price normalization

A few months ago the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM memory was quoted at about 200 euros. We spoke that it was more than double the launch price of this board, since it initially cost less than 100 euros.

It hasn’t returned to the previous price yet, but it’s very close and starting to be reasonably priced. Currently, the Raspberry Pi 4 8 ​​GB is around 120 euros, which is not a bad price at all. The company has managed to increase the stock thanks to a strong increase in production of this SBC.

raspberry pi 4 4gb

Develop different projects

The community has been in charge of popularizing the different variants that have been launched. Currently, you find hundreds of different projects of all kinds, so you can have fun for hours without problems.

We are not only talking about multimedia solutions with Plex or NAS systems, there is a world of possibilities. The Raspberry Pi Zero allow the development of small projects such as video surveillance systems, automated irrigation or a complete home automation system. The limit is set by the imagination of the users.

It can also be used for learn about electronics and programming. The truth is that these devices, for their low price, are great for a large number of projects. You can take advantage of the summer holidays for something more than soaking in the beach.

raspberry pi zero

High efficiency and great performance

These SBCs are characterized by being quite powerful (taking into account its characteristics) and a low consumption. Due to these characteristics, they are quite coveted for mounting NAS-type network storage systems. They allow the installation of several hard drives through USB adapters and you can use FreeNAS, a specific quite powerful open source operating system.

They are also widely used to work, navigate or study due to their low price and great performance. It is common for them to be used to develop multimedia centers due to their great possibilities. There are even those who use them to set up Minecraft servers that work very well.


Now is certainly a better time to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 than a year ago. If you are waiting for the Raspberry Pi 5, we must tell you that Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry, has not said anything so far. So we shouldn’t wait for this new board until the middle or end of next year, barring surprise. So if you’re waiting for a Pi 5, forget about it for now.

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