Have you discovered Mario hidden in Sonic 30 years later?

A Mario hidden in Sonic

Mario Sonic

Yes, the idea that this image proposes may be caught with tweezers, but you will not deny that it is still curious. And it is that this user has just realized that, in one of the Sonic scenarios, exactly in Marble Zone Act 3, we can see how the cornice of the templets that appears on the stage has a series of drawings that seem to represent the face of the most famous plumber in video games.

By using a little imagination and mentally coloring the area, you will be able to see how effectively the graphics seem to coincide with Mario’s silhouette, including a mustache. But nothing could be further from the truth, since the original idea of ​​the designers of the level was none other than to represent two lions leaning on a column, an ornamentation that is probably inspired by some Roman construction or from another previous era.

Mario Sonic

What if…?

That Mario was present in a Sonic game in 1991 was completely impossible. The fierce war that both companies started (especially in the United States) led managers to create crazy advertising campaigns, where SEGA claimed to be the fastest and most powerful console, with the porcupine as the standard bearer of the platform.

Any reference to the competition could only have conflicting and mocking overtones, so representing it in the star game of the moment was not going to be a good idea.

By the way, if you do not know too much about the history that was lived in the 90s with the conflict between SEGA and Nintendo, we recommend that you take a look at the Console Wars book, which perfectly narrates everything that was lived at that time since the perspective of Tom Kalinske, who was CEO of SEGA of America at the time.

Mario and Sonic together

Therefore, unfortunately this appearance of Mario in Sonic is nothing more than the fruit of imagination. To come across the first encounter between the two characters in the same video game we will have to go back to 2007, when Mario & Sonic was launched at the Olympic Games for Nintendo Wii. That is the first time that Mario and Sonic collaborate together in the same video game, a proposal that ended up curdling and that has left numerous deliveries in recent years, including a quite striking arcade machine.

Either way, the waters subsided, and now Sonic and Mario work together on more than one game. It would have been nice to discover this wink 30 years later, but unless the developers say otherwise, the drawing on the temple is nothing more than two lions.

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