Will Valve’s Steam Deck be compatible with Windows 11?

Valve is working with AMD to get Windows 11 running on its Steam Deck handheld console. The desire for openness is firmly rooted in the company’s philosophy.

Yes, Steam Deck is a computer: you can install anything you want on it, including other operating systems “, Can we read in the FAQ made available by Valve about its portable console, announced a little less than a month ago. If compatibility with Windows 10 is assured, the question still arises of that with Windows 11 – the future operating system from Microsoft. On this file, Valve is not yet affirmative but things seem to be going in the right direction.

In an interview with PC Gamer on August 7, Greg Coomer, designer of the Steam Deck, first said: “ For the moment, we have mainly focused on Windows 10. »Then he reassures about the presence of a TPM chip (Trusted Compatibility Module) compatible with this future evolution. ” We believe we can meet this criterion », He confides. The ball nevertheless remains in AMD’s court, which takes care of the hardware part.

Source: Valve

Why Windows 11 compatibility is important for the Steam Deck

These are discussions that we are having with AMD to make sure that at the BIOS level we can live with it. At the moment, there is nothing that makes us think that we will have any issues with Windows 11. », Continues the interested party, confident about the versatility of the Steam Deck. Remember that the portable console has its own operating system, called Steam OS 3.0 and based on Archi Linux. He’s backed by Proton, ” a compatibility layer that allows Windows games to run on Linux According to the official description.

Compatibility with Windows 10 – and, by extension, Windows 11 – is important to Valve in the sense that it allows the Steam Deck to be a 100% open machine. What Nintendo Switch is not. Allowing users to install Microsoft’s operating system will ensure access to games that are incompatible with SteamOS 3.0 and that are outside of the Steam ecosystem.

For example, anti-cheat systems are not supported by Proton, while they are supported by Windows. ” We are working with BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat to ensure their anti-cheat systems are supported before launch Valve explains on this point. In the meantime, compatibility with Windows will reassure fans ofApex Legends, among other popular games that might encounter some issues within SteamOS 3.0.

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