Heatsinks for PS5 M.2 SSD drives: three alternatives

With the arrival of PS5 we have had for the first time the opportunity to add extra storage to the console while maintaining the same features as the hardware that comes by default inside. That is we can expect identical performance from it when storing and executing in real time any video game. Now, to achieve this, you have to install an SSD with its own heatsink.

a matter of heat

And it is that Sony, since the launch of PS5 in November 2020, has made it clear that the M.2 units that we can install must meet a single requirement: have a heatsink installed that is capable of removing high temperatures of the key components to avoid unpleasantness. Therefore, we do not recommend, at all, installing an SSD unit bareback, without having a surface capable of eliminating the heat that it will begin to do inside the console compartment.

It must also be said that the normal thing is that, if you are going to buy that first M.2 SSD unit, you do it already with the heatsink installed by the manufacturer, to avoid hitting anything. Although it is also true that in these cases we are going to have to pay a small extra cost that you just want to save. especially if you find a good opportunity for a 1TB model without a heatsink for which you find it more profitable then install that extra piece on your own.

That is why today we have decided to look for three alternatives that are really cheap and that, added to that SDD M.2 unit that you have found at a demolition price, It will mean a total cost below than the other models already assembled with this type of heatsinks are sold. So let’s go there.

Three sinks, three

As we tell you, we have selected three different heatsinks with more or less similar price ranges. The first is from SABRENT and It is made of high quality CNC aluminum which, according to the manufacturer, “has been specifically designed to maximize cooling performance and simplify installation.” This piece will also serve as a cover for the compartment in the console where we must insert the M.2 SSD drive.

The second GLOTRENDS heatsink It features a Φ 5.5mm heat pipe and is huge, which completely occupies the slot for M.2 SSDs. Offers a cooling effect from 10 to 30°C thanks to its heatpipe copper – it has twice the thermal conductivity of aluminum – and its ability to absorb heat more quickly.

Finally we have another heat sink for M.2 2280 drives that offers a double-sided grooved look, so the area capable of evacuating heat is doubled compared to other models. This means a higher evacuation speed compared to other models, obtaining a cooling effect of 10 to 30°C.

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