How much does an electric air freshener consume? This you should know

Anything you have plugged into the light will contribute to the total consumption of the electricity bill. Now, by no means all devices are going to spend the same. In fact, there is a big difference between, for example, a refrigerator and a light bulb, or between an air conditioner and a fan. In this article we are going to talk about how much does an electric air freshener consume. It is something that we always have connected and can generate doubts.

All the devices that you always have connected, even if you do not use them directly, will be permanently consuming energy. This also includes a simple mobile charger that you have plugged into the current, the television in Stand By with the red LED on, etc. But does it cost a lot to have an electric air freshener always on?

Consumption of an electric air freshener

The quick answer is no. an electric air freshener I don’t consume much electricity. In fact, even if you have several in the house, they are not really going to contribute anything substantial to the total bill, despite the fact that it is something that you have on 24 hours a day, every day of the month. Logically it will consume something, but it is nowhere near what you will consume with other devices.

Total consumption will depend on the model of electric air freshener you have. can consume between 1.5W and 3W, generally. We are going to use a 2 W consumption model as an example, which is quite common. We are talking about a consumption of 2 watts per hour, which is 48 W per day and about 1,440 W or 1.4 kWh per month.

How can we translate it into total spending in euros? We need to know the price per kWh. This will depend on your rate, if you have time discrimination and other factors. But let’s assume that, for example, you pay €0.20 per kWh. If we have stated that you are going to consume 1.4 kWh per month, approximately, we can translate that into about €0.28.

If I had 4 air fresheners electricity in your home, and you have them on throughout the month, you would be spending something more than €1 every 30 days. Exactly, and with the example we have given, you would be spending about €1.12. An amount that, as you can see, is affordable and will represent little in the total bill.

Endesa's tips for saving electricity in the kitchen

Control the devices that spend the most

Therefore, beyond worrying about whether an electric air freshener consumes a lot of electricity or not, what you should do is control the devices that spend the most. That is where you are going to be able to really save energy and you are going to see a substantial change in the bill each month, in order to pay less.

For example, we advise you to You control the temperature very well.. Whether you use air conditioning or heating in winter, it is key to manage the temperature well. They are devices that consume a lot and each degree can make you spend or save about 7%. The same with respect to the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer, which must be correctly adjusted. In the case of the fridge, 5-6 degrees is enough; on the freezer side, above -18 degrees is fine.

Regarding the high consumption appliances, such as the dishwasher or the washing machine, it is essential that you use low-consumption Eco programs. That will help you save a lot and you will notice a decrease in consumption if you use them properly. Check these devices and their configuration very well.

In short, as you can see, electric air fresheners do not consume a lot of electricity. Normally they consume 2 W, which we can translate into approximately 1.4 kWh if you have it on all month. They are not going to contribute much to the total bill, as is the case with other devices.

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