How to activate self-description in Netflix series and movies

almost all the media content that we know has advanced in recent years in terms of accessibility. Until not long ago, the only thing that had been worked on in this field was subtitles for the deaf. Now, even video games include special options so that a greater number of people can enjoy the experience, with modifications such as simpler interfaces, color changes for the color blind or even changes in difficulty and mechanics. Netflix It has also opted for accessibility since its inception. Hence the platform has a audio description system in many of his series and movies.

What is the Netflix audio description system?

The audio description It is a functionality that is integrated into many of the movies and series that you can watch on Netflix. This feature can be easily activated. It is used for a voice to make an announcement of the actions that are happening on the screen.

Audio description is a very interesting solution so that people who have vision problems can also enjoy popular series and movies. The voice will take care of describe what the characters do, facial expressions and what happens in each plane. It also describes things like the costumes or the setting of the scenes. In short, the Netflix audio description It’s like having access to the technical script of each work.

The implementation it is simple and effective. In scenes that do not have important details, the audio will remain unchanged. However, when there are times when notable things happen, a narrator will briefly describe what happens. For example, when Seong Gi-hun first gets into the van in The Squid Game, the scene passes in complete silence. In this case, the narrator describes aloud that the driver of the vehicle opens the sliding door and the character finds several passengers who are asleep.

How do I activate audio description on Netflix?

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The audio description mode is available on all devices. You can activate this mode from the same menu that you use to change the language of the audio or subtitles.

Simply go into that dropdown menu and scroll to the bottom of the list. After finishing the list of languages, a new list will begin in which the audio tracks with description that are available appear. As a general rule, you will find these tracks both in the original version and in Spanish.

What series and movies with audio description are available on Netflix?

In general, all Netflix original works have this feature implemented. According to Netflix, they work with the studios so that the function is integrated in the most natural way possible. You have the complete list at this link.

However, Netflix warns that this feature may not be available for all seasons or episodes of the same series.

Much more than an accessibility feature

If you like to see the contents of the platform while doing some other monotonous task, the audio description can be very useful. When we are not looking at the screen continuously, sometimes we miss many details. Activating this function, the storyteller It will give you all the information you need so that you never lose the thread when you watch content from your Netflix profile.

In case you were wondering, this feature can also be used in conjunction with the usual subtitles.

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