How to Add Motion Control to Your Xbox Controller

It’s been almost 20 years since the Nintendo presented its famous Wii at the –at that time– Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. A console that had as its main claim that the games would no longer have to be managed only with a crosshead, a stick analog or some buttons, but with the movement of the hands. Lifting, turning and rotating the Wiimote as we wanted…something Xbox gamepads still don’t have.

Now, we already know that this type of control requires a video game that specifically allows it and that if on Xbox there is no possibility, due to hardware, of creating titles like this, there is no point in us worrying about experiencing it. But we must say that it is not so, that for a car game or a flight simulator, To have that possibility is to open up a whole field of new sensations.

How to add movement to the Xbox gamepad?

Well, the option we have to add that extra point of functionality to the Xbox Series X|S gamepad is through a peripheral that connects to the back and that it will take care of all that we want. Is called Armor-X Strike Pack and it has the shape of a backpack, a concept that is quite true to reality since to have movement control we will have to fix it to the back of the control.

This device It is designed to fit into the official Microsoft model, the Xbox control controller, since it comes with a battery that is attached to the original compartment of the gamepad itself in such a way that it becomes a all in one that works in a synchronized way and without friction points that add any complications of use to the players.

Like this, when you take this Armor-X out of the box you can embed it in your Xbox controller and start using it. It has a power button, so as long as you don’t activate it, it won’t do anything. If you do, not only will you gain those motion controls in games that allow you to handle them like this, but you’ll have four extra buttons to record specific actions: a combo hit, access to inventory or any other resource you need during the game.

Motion control, where?

As we tell you, the games on Xbox Series X|S do not contemplate that we can handle them with the simple movement of the hand, Wiimote-style, so the peripheral emulates that possibility transferring orders to the console that is capable of interpreting. That, in certain titles will work for you, such as when aiming at a shooteror turning the steering wheel in a Forza Motorsport. But in others it will be irrelevant and even a little mess.

This Armor-X does not need to be linked to an Xbox or PC – it also works on computers – with any strange peripheral since it takes advantage of Bluetooth connectivity to work, guarantees 10 hours of battery life and, if we want to use it with Nintendo Switch For example, you will need a USB key that also comes in the package. If you want to get it right now we offer you a chance to buy it at a very good price and with delivery practically in the day.

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