How to create a website that impacts and converts: new chapter of the course!

Today we launch a new chapter of the free course «Course to digitize the businesses of SMEs and freelancers«, starring Jesús García Fernández, digital marketing consultant, with the collaboration of Sage. On this occasion, Jesus will explain to us how to create a website that impacts and converts.

If you currently find yourself needing to create a web page, be it a personal or professional project or a corporate website, you may have doubts about how to start its development. The usual brake to start the creation of a website is usually the lack of technical knowledge related to HTML, CSS or Javascript.

This situation was common years ago, in which the design of a website was done through code, with specific tools created for that purpose. In this way, in order to develop a website, it was necessary to have extensive knowledge of HTML and the software used to create it.

Today, the situation is very different. Thanks to the implementation of open source content management systems (CMS), anyone with minimal knowledge can create a basic website in a short time.

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WordPress and the CMS

Currently, there are different CMS on the market that allow your own website, with an administration panel to easily manage its functionality, design and content. Without a doubt, the most widely used at this time due to its simplicity in use and power is wordpressa content manager that allows from the development of a simple website to a complex corporate portal or an online store.

The diversity of plugin (software that complements this content manager and adds specific functionality) and a powerful development community guarantee technical support for any project you have in mind. But only the CMS it is not enough to create a website that impacts and converts, it is necessary to take into account a series of points to obtain the best results. In this video I will talk about these points and how they can affect the results of your website.

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